Government Allocates 1620 Million From Recovery Plan To Cercanías Trains Improvement

Government Allocates 1620 Million From Recovery Plan To Cercanías Trains Improvement

The Government will allocate 1,620 million euros to the financing of different actions to improve the railway commuter services until 2026, charged to the recovery, transformation and resilience funds .

Specifically, it will deliver 1,502 million euros to Adif to invest in this type of infrastructure located mainly in Catalonia, Madrid, the Valencian Community, the Basque Country, Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Andalusia.

As stated in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan sent by the Government to Brussels, the actions include duplications and renovations of roads, improvements in electrification, control systems, signaling and stations and new options for exchange between the different means of transport. .

The plan foresees the delivery to Renfe of another 118.5 million euros to invest in the digitization of the security, information and access control systems of the railway stations where public services such as Cercanías are provided.

This item is divided into 33 million for the digitization of security systems in stations, another 33 million for passenger information systems, 23 million for the improvement of access controls, 16 million for the adaptation of self-vending machines to new technologies and 13 million for the adaptation of the facilities.

The Government frames these investments in the ‘Component 1’ of the recovery plan, endowed with a total of 9,336 million for aid to the acquisition of electric vehicles, financing of transport and the promotion of low-emission zones, in addition to the improvement of the service suburban.

In the ‘Component 6’, which deals with sustainable, safe and connected mobility, with another 7,867 million euros of financing, the Executive includes other railway strategies such as intermodality or the promotion of the main corridors in the country.

Transport terminals
These items include the development of intermodal terminals and strategic logistics for 668 million euros, which plans to promote the transport of goods in trains with investments in four terminals: Vicálvaro in Madrid, La Llagosta in Barcelona, ​​Fuente de San Luis in Valencia and Júndiz in Álava.

Likewise, at the end of the plan, in 2026, the Government plans to have acted on at least 1,500 kilometers of network included within the Atlantic and Mediterranean Corridors, with actions both to improve sections in service and investments that allow progress in the construction of new sections.

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