HMI Group CEO, Adonis Hakkim, Announces Latest Expansion Plans

HMI Group CEO, Adonis Hakkim, Announces Latest Expansion Plans
HMI Group

The HMI Group has announced its latest plans to launch its full digitalized healthcare platform. This will be the medical group’s fourth venture, with its previous three trading companies operating at multimillion pound turnovers in a record amount of time.

According to the company’s CEO, Adonis Hakkim, this venture is set to be the “largest and most widespread digitalization of healthcare seen to this date”.

Offering all-in-one services, from online consultation to pharmaceuticals and diagnostic testing.

This will be the first of its kind, helping to transform a lagging healthcare industry, that is dated, cumbersome and expensive to operate.

Why has the HMI Group launched Welzo?

Due to a combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the development of technology, many businesses have become digitalized. Uber is the digitalization of transport, Airbnb for accommodation, and JustEat for food delivery.

Digitalization helps cut out many intermediaries and provides a smoother service for the end-user.

Healthcare is one of the most critical industries, but it’s also struggling to keep up with the latest methods of running efficiently. Thus, the healthcare industry has been slow to catch up to the standard of digitalization that other industries have.

There have been sectional improvements. For example, counseling and mental health support are available online via the NHS. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHS and other healthcare providers began offering digitalized services such as online consultations.

However, Welzo is the most widespread digitalization of healthcare to date.

What can Welzo offer that other digital healthcare platforms cannot?

Welzo is an end-to-end, all-in-one healthcare platform. Patients can expect to receive similar services and the same level of professionalism as they would expect from their GP and the ability to purchase using their online pharmacy.

But, since orders can be made anytime and anywhere, waiting times will reduce, and people will receive medical help quicker.

The plan for Welzo is going to be in five phases. But phase one will be at home finger prick private blood tests. Customers will order the blood testing kit of their choice, get it delivered to their house, prick their fingers to draw blood, and send the blood sample off for testing.

This simple and easy finger prick testing will enable patients to do blood tests that used to require a doctor’s visit.

The challenges of launching a digital healthcare platform

Starting a new healthcare company will not be without its challenges. Thankfully, the HMI Group is no stranger to the medical industry. Its launch of the UK government recognized provider, Official Rapid Tests, saw the largest collection of PCR Test and fit to fly covid test centers across the UK, with over 120 private clinics in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

The medical group has already started three multimillion-pound healthcare companies. These previous successes have provided them with the backing, experience, and expertise to make this a success.

Now is the ideal to start such a business venture. To avoid NHS waiting lists, many are turning to private healthcare.

According to polling for the Independent Healthcare Providers Network, there has been a 40% rise since 2020 in the number of people who would consider paying for private healthcare.

The digitalization of healthcare will enable more people to get their healthcare needs met. People will no longer require a doctor to be physically present to test for various issues or order medication.