Ian Snow Releases His New High-Octane Single ‘Late Nights’, Available Now

Recently soaring 'Above The Clouds' with the release of his sophomore EP, Ian Snow returns to Earth to shake the ground with his new high-octane single, 'Late Nights.'

Ian Snow Releases His New High-Octane Single 'Late Nights', Available Now
Ian Snow

While the heat of the summer is in full swing, Ian Snow continues to keep it cool with another standout release. Hauling a bold and brilliant snowstorm of sound, the Chicago-based producer recently landed on Gravitas Recordings with his sophomore EP Above The Clouds. Now, Ian Snow drives into “Late Nights” with a new exhilarating self-release that surprises at every twisted turn.

Like something out of an icebound dreamworld, “Late Nights” enters with a pulsating bassline lurking beneath airy blips and otherworldly synth work. A deep swagger-infused vocal line levitates over an avalanche of brain-breaking soundwaves. Once more, Ian Snow thaws the shackles of genre constraints with yet another tantalizing taste of the storm to come.

Ian Snow Releases His New High-Octane Single 'Late Nights', Available Now
Ian Snow ‘Late Nights’

“My inspiration comes from many places, but when asked about encapsulating my work process, I think about all the late nights. I am the quintessential night owl, often producing on 12 hours shifts from 10 PM – 10 AM. Most of my vitamin D, unfortunately, comes in pill form, but there’s something about the profound silence of night that conjures my optimal creativity, and this song is the perfect example.”

Once known as SNOWMASS, the protostar’s tempo-bending soundscapes rightfully catapulted him to coveted slots at Lost Lands, Spring Awakening, Electric Forest, and more. Embarking on a new journey, his second arctic alias quickly caught the eyes and ears of bass powerhouses Zeds Dead, Jantsen, and Ravenscoon, to name a few. A melting pot of freeform bass, trap-inspired elements, and sounds beyond terrestrial descriptions, Ian Snow’s arsenal is steadily cementing the artist as an unstoppable force in electronic music.