Ayusocoin, A Token That Wants To Attract Politicians To The Crypto World

Ayusocoin, A Token That Wants To Attract Politicians To The Crypto World

The token is a technology that develops faster and faster and that is already present in various aspects of daily life, though not draft the same way in all groups. The computer scientist Iñigo González has created the ayusocoin with the aim of attracting the political class to the ‘crypto’ world.

González has remarked, in statements to Europa Press , that despite the name of the token , which corresponds to the second surname of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the crypto asset does not belong to any specific party , but rather It’s about a strategy to get more attention.

“What I want is for this to get into the hands of our politicians. If you go to the website of the Congress or the Community of Madrid, none of them declares in their declarations of assets that they have cryptocurrencies. They have mortgages, checking accounts, real estate … But none of them have cryptocurrencies, “González explained in an interview with the news agency.

As its creator has commented to Vozpópuli , González created this token “almost accidentally”: he needed to know how cryptocurrencies work and he thought that the best way to know it was to develop a token from scratch.

González has launched 47,000 million tokens and, for the moment, these have no cost, although each person will only be able to concentrate 10,000 units. The computer scientist has explained to Europa Press that he does not consider putting a price on the asset and does not believe that it will become a ‘meme’ token , in the style of dogecoin.

Markets and technologies “that would come in handy”
The aversion of the political class to cryptocurrencies could be given by a greater conservatism when it comes to investing, although Iñigo González does not think that Spaniards are different in this regard.

However, the creator of the token has stressed that in Europe “we really like to regulate things”, which makes people from other countries the most “leading” . “In Singapore it is very easy to create a company (…) What are we doing here? Remove resources from the administration on the one hand and increase its workload,” he argued.

González believes that these procedures are “losing access to markets and technologies that would come in handy.”

On the other hand, he considers that the financial sandbox is a “very good idea”, since it allows developers to work with regulators, although he considers that “we must go a little further” and make it easier to work with cryptocurrencies.

“Let’s see if that way we can get Díaz Ayuso to have 1,000 Ayusos. And not only Díaz Ayuso, but also people from other parties,” he said.

A phenomenon on the rise
Cryptocurrencies are beginning to span a large number of industries and sectors, beyond investing in exchanges . A clear example is the world of football , where there are already several football teams that have their own tokens : Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona in Spain, PSG in Paris or Juventus in Italy are some of them.

In addition, this summer Cádiz CF has signed the first sponsorship of the Spanish league with a company in the cryptocurrency industry, Jobchain.

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