Largest US Coronavirus Expert Sets A Date For The Pandemic End

Largest US Coronavirus Expert Sets A Date For The Pandemic End

vSince the outbreak of the coronavirus around the world, experts from each country have gone on to act as spokespersons for governments and become the familiar face of the pandemic. In Spain, it was the epidemiologist Fernando Simón , director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, while in the US that role was played by Anthony Fauci , the main epidemiologist of the US Government.

Fauci, who during the term of Donald Trump stood out for his messages contrary to the denialist opinion of the then US president, also gained fame for his predictions about the virus .

This week, in an interview with NBC News, Fauci ventured to date the end of the pandemic . “If we get through the winter, I think we could get it in the spring of 2022,” he said.

Fauci considered, however, that controlling the spread of the virus is “in the hands” of the United States , where the delta variant has caused a spike in hospitalizations, but where many still refuse to be vaccinated guided by conspiracy theories.

In another interview for National Public Radio (NPR) , the expert elaborated on the proposed date for the end of the pandemic, the spring of 2022. “If all things go the way we want and we get the vast majority of people to get vaccinated I think that as fall and winter progress, we could start to have good control as we move into 2022, “Fauci said in that interview.

However, the epidemiologist has warned that “it will totally depend” on the level of vaccination in the US. “There cannot be 90 million people eligible to be vaccinated who are not vaccinated and hope that he can make a good prediction about where we will be, because when there are people who are not vaccinated, to the extent that they are not vaccinated, we have the possibility that the virus continues to circulate, mutating, forming more variants and putting us back in another situation similar or worse than the delta “, warned Fauci.

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