All About Kaze Masks That Celebrities Choose And That Have Arrived In Spain

All About Kaze Masks That Celebrities Choose And That Have Arrived In Spain

Hailey and Justin Bieber wore them on the streets of Paris last March, exuding style. And Dua Lipa set a trend at the Grammys, in an edition in which masks were the stars of the red carpet. Also the American rapper Cardi B, Justin Bieber, the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, the supermodel Adriana Lima, the diva of the world of music Dua Lipa, the NBA player Chris Paul, the actress Anne Hathaway ??

Kaze Origins masks are sweeping Asia, the United States and Europe after becoming a must-have item in the windows of major fashion and lifestyle magazines. And now they arrive in Spain as a fashion accessory and a style benchmark in daily protection against covid-19.

Launched by the Indonesian firm Kaze ?? which means “wind” in Japanese ??, it represents a lifestyle concept in sanitary masks as an essential element in everyday outfits, but also for very special occasions. Created in 2020 by a group of Hong Kong-based design and manufacturing experts, in accordance with maximum safety and sustainability criteria, they have taken over a market that demands maximum safety, but also style.

The brand has developed two different models: Original and Light. Designed and certified with maximum safety, the Kaze Original masks function as a maximum security shield, made up of five layers of filters that maximize airflow while blocking dust, germs and particles. The three-layer Light model, made of class A material, is designed for everyday use.

All models are manufactured in a dust-free environment and have passed rigorous laboratory testing in international trials, exceeding standards for particle filtration (PFF) of more than 95 percent and bacteria (BFE) of more than 99.9 percent , and they are officially certified as KN95 and FFP2.

Singer Dua Lipa at the Grammy gala, wearing a silver Kaze mask.
The brand has a collection of different models for every occasion, both for a neutral style, in five pastel shades based on each skin type, and for more groundbreaking looks. Kaze 3D’s facial contour fit makes it highly breathable, with adjustable straps and sponge nose bridges, allowing it to be worn all day in total comfort and protection, without sacrificing style.

The perfect combination of quality, comfort and style has made it the brand of choice for celebrities who seek to combine face masks with the most current looks, to become a fetish object for many celebrities. In addition, they customize the masks for large events and companies, such as Sotheby’s.

The price of the Original model, 49.90 euros for a pack of five units, while a similar pack from the Kaze Light collection is priced at 45.95 euros. They are available in 17 colors and can be chosen in the version for adults and a ‘mini’ for children. And they keep working on new collections.

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