CaixaBank Warns Bankia Customers About A Card To Avoid Paying Commissions

CaixaBank Warns Bankia Customers About A Card To Avoid Paying Commissions

CaixaBank warns Bankia customers: they will have to get this card to avoid paying commissions. Recently, CaixaBank informed its clients that debit cards linked to Bankia will receive an annual charge of 36 euros as maintenance fees. Despite this, these clients will have full disposal of the branch network and the more than 13,000 ATMs.

However, this payment is still an unnecessary and avoidable problem for owners of a Bankia card. In fact, la Caixa has reported that these customers have the ‘MyCard’ at their disposal .

If this card is not obtained, CaixaBank will begin to charge customers from Bankia the maintenance fee for their debit cards as of January 1, 2022 .

What is the ‘MyCard’ card?
As expected, CaixaBank does not want cards from another bank to circulate and operate through its ATM network, so it was not surprising that when the time came it would charge Bankia customers some kind of surcharge . That time has come, so the only option to avoid paying these commissions is to get the ‘MyCard’ card.

It should be noted that these clients will also enjoy some benefits apart from the exemption of the maintenance fee. For example, purchases made will be reflected instantly and will be charged to the account 48 hours after confirmation .

On the other hand, the customer can decide when to pay. In this way, payments of more than 40 euros can be divided into a period of no less than three months and no more than twelve months. However, this operation will entail a series of commissions.

Likewise, if the customer consumes his available credit limit, he can continue making purchases worth up to 3,000 euros , provided that he has a balance in his associated CaixaBank account to cover everything that is pending settlement.

This card is designed to be linked to both CaixaBank Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Garmin Pay and Fitbit Pay. In addition, if the customer loses the card, he can temporarily block it with a single click from his app and continue paying with his mobile.

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