New Restrictions In Catalonia Due To The Covid

New Restrictions In Catalonia Due To The Covid

The Government has decided to maintain the current restrictions, including the regional confinement , –which expired on April 19– for 7 more days, until April 26 . That week is what Catalonia needs, Salut stressed, to consolidate the stabilization of the pandemic. The Procicat will consider a reopening from April 26 if the epidemiological data accompany.

Below we review how the restriction measures are in the different areas

From March 8, extracurricular activities are authorized for students in secondary education , high school and training cycles. Until now, only extracurricular activities and sports activities were allowed in the infant and primary stages. From March 1, overnight school outings are allowed as long as it is in the bubble group. School sport is comparable to federated sport and you can train in groups of more than 6 people.

They follow the presence in the classrooms in infant, primary and secondary stages and the semi-presence in high school, training cycles and university. Another novelty, in the university field : from March 8, presence is allowed with 30% of the capacity . Each university will decide how to distribute that 30% of the capacity.

New from March 8 : daytime slots are eliminated and bars and restaurants will be able to open uninterruptedly from 07:30 to 17:00 . The night time slot remains as it has been until now: places that make takeout can serve dinners: from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. if the client comes to pick up the order, and until 11:00 p.m. if the place serves food at home.

Restaurants and bars may open with 30% of the capacity indoors and 100% on the terraces. The safety distance will be a minimum of 2 meters between tables. The tables will be of maximum 4 people (6 if they are from the same coexistence bubble). The opening of bars and restaurants located in shopping centers is prohibited.

An exception to the district confinement : displacements motivated by federated sports competitions will be authorized . Since March 15, the federated sport is authorized to resume competitions for categories under 16 years of age.

In addition, the presence of the public is allowed in all those sports competitions with pre-assigned seats, except state and international competitions that have prohibitions from other organizations. The public capacity will be 50% in outdoor spaces and 30% in closed spaces.Since last March 8, competitions from 16 years old were already authorized.

These measures are in addition to those already in force: the reopening of changing rooms in gyms and sports centers is allowed, always maintaining security measures and with rational use. L os gyms open with 30% of capacity and maximum six people and use of mask in group activities.

The reopening of outdoor sports facilities is maintained with 50% of the capacity and also in the swimming pools, even if they are in closed areas. The s state-level competitions are allowed from February 8. School sports are equated with federated sports, so that they can train in groups of more than 6 people and participate in authorized competitions (at the moment only those of state scope).

New since March 15: non-essential stores, including those in shopping centers, will be able to open on Saturdays . Until now, they could only open from Monday to Friday. New relief then for the trade. They will also be able to open shops of up to 800 square meters. In all cases, the capacity is limited to 30% . Bars and restaurants located in shopping centers will remain closed.

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