More Than 80 Scientific Societies Ask Politicians Not To Stop Vaccinating

More Than 80 Scientific Societies Ask Politicians Not To Stop Vaccinating

The voice of science has come together to send a clear message to politicians: do not stop immunizing against covid-19. A total of 82 national scientific societies have signed a joint manifesto in which they ask the Government and autonomous communities not to stop vaccination and to agree on the control of the pandemic. In total, these organizations represent more than 200,000 healthcare professionals throughout Spain.

Ayuso warns that Madrid will close mass vaccination centers if no more doses arrive
“Our first and main message to the political authorities is the following: vaccinate. And to the citizens this other: get vaccinated,” claim these experts, who demand that vaccination not be suspended “without attending to purely scientific criteria or impulsively” .

On the same Friday that this manifesto was made public, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, warned that, if more doses of the vaccines do not arrive, next week ” the mass vaccination centers will be closed “, like the Isabel Zendal Hospital or the Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

Neither fear nor hoax
In addition, the associations request that fear or hoaxes not be cultivated and insist on the need for administrations to coordinate their policies and also their messages to generate trust and transmit a message of collaboration and cooperation among all. “Society asks for transparency.

And transparency means telling society about the new evidence that is being obtained. This new evidence incorporates nuances to the messages. Those nuances are the very essence of scientific knowledge. But it corresponds to the experts, and not to politicians translate these nuances into recommendations “, argue health professionals.

Health launches the campaign ‘I get vaccinated safely’
“We have learned many things from this pandemic, but perhaps the fundamental one is the strategic importance of research. Only from science and innovation could we expect solutions to this situation and only from science and innovation have we proceeded.

But not from research we bet from rhetoric, but with resources. Betting on research is dedicating resources to research. We ask public administrations for a radical change in the trend in public investment for R & D & i. And we ask citizens to demand it “, they emphasize.

In the same way, they also emphasize the need for public health policies and underline that the best resolved health crises are those that are prevented, because there is no system that can withstand levels of healthcare pressure such as those experienced. In addition, they demand more resources for Primary and Hospital Care .

Finally, they advocate improving the communication of health decisions. “The pandemic has been an infodemic and has shown us with extraordinary crudeness to what extent the information offered to the population is sensitive and relevant. In this we also have a lot to learn, scientists and health workers, the first: with understandable, clear information , timely, convenient and rigorous. But it will be of little use if we do so if public messages are used as a political battering ram and not as a prevention, information and social awareness tool, “they conclude.

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