Construction Expects To Generate 188000 New Jobs This Year

Construction Expects To Generate 188000 New Jobs This Year

The construction sector has claimed today as an economic key to get out of the crisis and as a solution for employment, with a forecast of 188,000 new jobs in 2021.

The Industrial Observatory of Construction , which includes employers and unions, has presented this Wednesday the “Report on the sectoral balance of construction 2020, the year of the pandemic, and challenges for 2021”, which shows that the sector recovered in November from the stoppage that led to confinement to an equivalent level of turnover those prior to the pandemic.

The general director of the Construction Labor Foundation, Francisco Castrillo, stressed that the sector will play a major role in Next Generation European funds. In any case, the sector is going through complex moments in the face of the aging of the workforce.

“There is a need for qualified labor, despite the fact that the remuneration is well above the average”, recognized Pedro Fern├índez, president of the National Construction Confederation (CNC).

The idea that the construction sector is a tough sector with little prestige still prevails in society, but in the observatory forum the technological revolution that is taking place in the sector is vindicated, with new techniques and machinery that require new skilled workforce. For Pedro Leaves,

The sector demands that the Government take into account the capacities of the sector in training workers (about 200,000 workers a year) and that the framework of “exemplary social dialogue” be respected, with salaries above the average and that it has foreseen an increase in the agreement of 2.5% this year.

They also highlight the “great adaptation to demand” that takes into account a relative job stability adapted to the logical instability of the workload of companies. The required employment is qualified, given the increasing complexity of construction machinery and techniques, which requires levels of training with consistent quality standards.

The sector indicators for 2020 show this rapid recovery in the framework of the logical impact of the pandemic. Cement consumption fell 9.7%, bidding fell 22.9%, work permits fell 19.5% and mortgage signing fell 7.6%. Faced with these indicators, the sector demands that investments in infrastructure increase to revitalize the activity of companies.

Rehabilitation will also be an important driver for companies, whose number increased 0.5% last year. The sector groups together 1.26 million workers in Spain, with an unemployment rate of 11%. Of that workforce, women are a minority (8.6%). The companies in the sector consider that women can be crucial to join an increasingly technical sector. The construction sector accounts for 9.8% of GDP.

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