Hair Dryers Suitable For Every Hair Type 2021Current hair dryers are characterized by being very powerful , by providing functionalities that allow better care of the hair, producing less harmful types of heat ( ionic ) and also usually include the functionality of cold air that serves to previously mark the hairstyle or to cool it more fast once dried, this way it suffers less from the effects of residual heat. The power is measured in Watts and determines the force that has a dryer during operation. A good hair dryer at home is essential, because it is used very frequently and allows you to keep your hair in good condition after a shower or bath. It can also have other possible uses, such as drying clothes or utensils quickly. Therefore, we are going to show the best dryers . There are professional, home, ionic, cordless, silent, corded, ironed, foldable, travel, curling iron, cold air, energy efficient, supersonic, and many more types. Among all of them, it is necessary to choose the best dryers that suit each person or family unit, as well as the use that is going to be given to it. Therefore, it is good to spend time selecting and investing in a good dryer. HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD HAIR DRYER? Keep in mind that hair is sensitive to changes in temperature, some more fragile than others. Therefore , we must choose a dryer depending on the type of hair and use. It is also good that they are energy-efficient, quick-drying, with accessories, or low-noise. – Size. It is an important aspect. The smallest ones are more comfortable and transportable, ideal for travel, while the big ones are more powerful and can have more additional features. The latter usually have more heat and air options. – Ergonomics. It is important that the dryer is comfortable in the positions in which you want to use it. – Power. Power is measured in watts: there are between 1000 and 2500 watts. The more power, the better drying power, plus more heat and airflow levels. The best dry, brittle hair should have a power of 1700 watts, while the best hair dryers have more than 1800-2000 watts. – Cold air. In addition to hot air, it is advisable to have a cold air button so that the hair does not retain heat for long. It is usually had in high-end dryers. – The technologies and materials , as they help to take care of the hair and adapt to the circumstances of each person. Ceramic is less aggressive with hair, tourmaline gives less damaging and more uniform heat, ions prevent hair from frizzing, etc. – Brand. Better to use a hair dryer from a brand that offers guarantees. There are several reputable brands that provide good performance on each type of hair. – Accessories. The extras can also be valued, as well as if it has additional functions. – Price. Having a good value for money is key, looking for something that fits our budget, but also to the needs. The best decision is to search among the best dryers of 2020 for one that suits your hair and meets just what you need at a price you can afford. We have a good selection of hair dryers that will fit your requirements and you will love them. ADVANTAGES OF BUYING THE BEST HAIR DRYERS The best dryers on Amazon have advantages like: – They adapt to your hair without damaging it. – They offer additional benefits. – They have a good durability. GHD Air Kit GHD is a trusted brand, one of the best when it comes to hair accessories and notable for having the best dryers and straighteners. The GHD Air Kit professional dryer is an essential element for hair care, as it has ionic technology, diffuser, ceramic brush, 3-meter cable and 2 GHD clips. Its power is 2100W , with ionic technology for fast hairdressing drying and always taking care of your hair. You can create smooth, finished volume without frizz or loose waves. It is ergonomic, designed for right and left-handed people. BUY (€ 110.99) Parlux Alyon Parlux is a high-quality hair dryer in black. It has an anti-heat casing and a professional K-Advance Plus motor with a duration of 3000 hours. This item, rated one of the best dryers on Amazon, has a cold air button and 2 speeds with 4 temperatures. It also has Soft switches and its power is 2250 watts. It optimizes the heating surfaces to achieve a more uniform temperature when drying and includes a nozzle and user manual. Without a doubt, one of the best options if you are looking for a good fast dryer that does not damage your hair. BUY (115,21 €) IMETEC Bellissima Imetec Bellissima My Pro Ceramic P5 3800 is a professional dryer for luminous and softer hair with a power of 2300 W and ceramic technology. Its concentrator is ultra-narrow, has an elegant diffuser and features ion technology for more uniform drying . It is one of the best hair dryers on amazon . One of the strengths of this dryer is that it respects, hydrates and protects your hair, giving a professional finish without frizz in your own home. Wear 20cm from your hair and create the fresh-from-the-salon look. BUY (€ 49.90) Remington AC9096 Silk Professional hair dryer with 2400 W of power, with ion technology, diffuser accessory and concentrator. Long-lasting, professional-quality AC motor. Air flow of up to 140 km / h for quick drying. Ionic Conditioning: 90% more ions to reduce frizz and increase shine. Silky ceramic grid. 6 temperatures and 2 speeds . Turbo function that increases the drying speed by 10%. Blast of cold air to set the hairstyle. Detachable rear rack for easy cleaning. 3m professional swivel cord. BUY (€ 39.99) Philips DryCare Advanced HP8232 / 00 Hairdryer with ionizer to soften hair that provides power 2200 W . Quick drying at a lower temperature with a protection system that protects the hair while it dries. This dryer has different speed and temperature settings. It has a ThermoProtect system to dry at a constant and gentle temperature, and ionic care for results without frizz . Long life, professional quality AC AC motor. 6 temperatures, 2 speeds, turbo function, and cold air blast of up to 140 km / h. Silky and removable ceramic grill. Stylized concentrator, diffuser and professional 3 meter swivel cord. . BUY (€ 24.99) Aigostar Monique 32HIE Professional ionic dryer with 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings . Includes diffuser and air concentrator nozzle, as well as protection against overheating. It has ionic technology that prevents the effect of frizz on the hair and locks in moisture earlier, so it dries without dehydrating. It has a 1.75 meter cable and a removable filter to facilitate cleaning. With its power of 2400 watts and its DC motor, it achieves fast hair drying. BUY (€ 24.99) Rowenta Infini Pro Elite CV8722E0 Professional AC 2200 W motor dryer , with Ionic function, 8 mm concentrator nozzle and diffuser, 2 speeds and 3 temperatures , with cold air button. This Rowenta model provides ultra fast drying. It is a high-performance model that delivers professional-quality results quickly and efficiently. A total of six speed and temperature settings ensure results adapted to the hair’s needs, while its classic diffuser adds natural volume to curly hair. It has an 8 mm concentrator nozzle, while the cold air blow function fixes the hairstyle. BUY (€ 33.93) Imetec Bellissima P2 2200 2200 W professional hair dryer , with ion technology that allows to hydrate the hair and reduce frizz, has 8 combinations of air and temperature , as well as a narrow nozzle. Its professional AC motor guarantees the durability of the hair dryer and provides faster drying thanks to a powerful air jet. 8 combinations of air flow and temperature for personalized drying, depending on the type of hair. BUY (€ 26.99) These are the best options that you can find in the market if you are looking for the best dryers , which one do you like the most? ■ These offers have been independently selected by an elPeriódico team based on their criteria and experience. elPeriódico gets a commission on sales from the links on this page. All purchase prices included in this article are current as of August 7, 2021.

Current hair dryers are characterized by being very powerful , by providing functionalities that allow better care of the hair, producing less harmful types of