17-year-old Entrepreneur Matteo Hon Makes 6-Figure Income With Two Successful Businesses

He’s still in school, but Matteo Hon has already achieved remarkable success as an entrepreneur, providing inspiration to teenagers everywhere.

17-year-old Entrepreneur Matteo Hon Makes 6-Figure Income With Two Successful Businesses

He may still be a teenager and still attending school, but Matteo Hon demonstrates business skills worthy of the most seasoned professionals. The owner of two six-figure businesses, it’s not surprising to learn that Matteo has many devoted followers and has become a role model for other young people wanting to follow in his footsteps.
Born in Rome, Matteo is currently 17 years old and is in his senior year at the American Overseas School of Rome. Both of his parents are high school dropouts. Matteo explains that they were born in China and came to Rome when they were young in search of a better life.

“Their sacrifices and hard work inspired me to delve deeper into online businesses,” he says. “It is thanks to them that I am able to be where I am at this point of my life. They are entrepreneurs, owning several sushi stores around Italy, and they are also into real estate.”

During his 8th-grade summer, Matteo recalls how he began working as a waiter at his parent’s small restaurant. He describes how he despised working there, being on his feet all day, and feeling bone-tired once he got home. However, while walking home from work one warm summer night, an epiphany suddenly revealed itself to him. He understood what his parents had been doing over the past couple of weeks was what his whole adult life had been doing. Through this realization, his feeling of embarrassment gradually gave way to relentless gratitude, and he slowly began to realize why his parents worked so tirelessly.

“They did not want me to end up like them, doing manual labor every single day of their lives. Their hard work, dedication, and selflessness provided my brother and me with better opportunities, education, and a future. They have been working for years with no vacations to give me the chance to go to a prestigious international school in Rome.”
Matteo’s first endeavor began with Oblique Jewels in 2018. The site has made more than 10,000 sales and garnered over 1,000 reviews by offering beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices. He is also the proud owner and CEO of Top Music Marketing Agency®, a company founded in 2019 that projects musical artists of all genres to the next level by supporting them with a large, organic following. The agency has been so successful that Matteo has expanded the platform internationally.

When asked about the secrets of his success, Matteo insists that it’s a matter of trust.

“To succeed in any business, your most important asset is trustworthiness.”

Aside from running his two successful businesses, Matteo is also very much engaged in his school’s spirit and community and is the founder of the Intramural Activities Organization, a nonprofit that organizes sports tournaments. Additionally, outside of school, he plays volleyball at Green Volley A.S.D., an Italian Club, playing for the Men’s Serie C and Under 19s.

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