A Gift of Joy – Artistic Initiative Agency Announces the First Artistic Initiative HOPE Project Gift Drive in Medellin, Colombia

A Gift of Joy – Artistic Initiative Agency Announces the First Artistic Initiative HOPE Project Gift Drive in Medellin, Colombia

Artistic Initiative Agency, one of the fastest-growing social media marketing agencies in the U.S., announces the first gift drive of the Artistic Initiative HOPE Project in the city of Medellin, Colombia.

This event will occur on the weekend before Christmas in partnership with Corporación Legados, a cultural organization based in Prado, which promotes art and environmental conservation in this southern ward of Medellin.

Artistic Initiative Agency and Corporación Legados want to bring a spark of joy to the children of the neighborhood El Limonar, a vulnerable community in southern Medellin. Thanks to this international cooperation between Artistic Initiative and Corporación Legados, more than 500 children between the ages of 5 and 13 will have a gift this Christmas season.

The Artistic Initiative HOPE Project will donate over 250 gifts, including multiple children’s books and several toys. Additionally, different musical and circus performances by the members of Corporación Legados will brighten up the event.

This gift drive will mark the first charity event organized by the Artistic Initiative HOPE Project.

Over the past year, Artistic Initiative Agency experienced a wave of explosive growth, surpassing its own annual revenue projections by an outstanding 1000%. In a matter of months, this Houston-based social marketing agency became an established multi-seven-figure company. Nowadays, Artistic Initiative is renowned for curating personalized, cinematic quality content for companies and CEOs – a new form of social-media marketing that the agency coined as “High-End Social Media.”

Today, Artistic Initiative wants to ratify its commitment to supporting vulnerable communities and promoting art and culture with the creation of its foundation, the Artistic Initiative HOPE Project.

Artistic Initiative decided to center its social mission in Colombia. Artistic Initiative has developed a strong tie with this Andean nation where the agency has a division of creatives. With the Artistic Initiative HOPE Project, the agency seeks to give back to Colombia and its people.

The acronym HOPE encapsulates the four pillars of Artistic Initiative’s social mission – Happiness, Opportunity, Peace, and Education. Through its foundation, the agency is committing to spread happiness, create opportunities for growth for the most vulnerable, promote peace in communities hit by violence, and help educate the next generation of artists and creatives.

In the coming years, Artistic Initiative Agency desires to partner with other social and cultural organizations across Colombia and, through the Artistic Initiative HOPE Project, continue to impact more people’s lives in this South American nation.

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo,
With Artistic Initiative Agency