Acklam Car Centre: A Center for the Best Luxury Cars

Acklam Car Centre: A Center for the Best Luxury Cars
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The internet as everyone knows has made the world both infinitely larger and infinitely smaller— larger in that anything and everything that can be shown, no matter how distant, is now at one’s fingertips, smaller in that what once took days or weeks to access, has become available in seconds. In pre-internet days, if someone wanted to shop car dealerships, say, for the best available price, they’d have had to consult newspapers, trade papers, or friends in the far reaches of their neighborhood to come up with a few alternatives. Today, several keystrokes present the car shopper with dealerships throughout their state or country. A few more strokes and the car of choice will be delivered to their driveway.

In the case of new cars, it’s a safe assumption that most shoppers stay close to home. Why not, when the people who sell the car are also the ones who service it? Pre-owned vehicles expand the playing field. Used car owners can advertise online. Buyers can check sites dedicated to these vehicles. But what new or used car dealer would want to advertise internationally? Or even nationally, for that matter. Aren’t there enough opportunities for car-buying no more than a day’s drive away?

One dealer which does market its cars nationally and internationally is Acklam Car Centre, located in the North East of England. The logic behind this outreach is threefold. First, Acklam Cars deals in the pre-owned luxury car market, where inventory is critical. Since Acklam Cars carries multiple brands, from Porsche to Land Rover to Ferrari, they’re able to supply needs a bespoke dealership can’t. Second, the pre-owned luxury market, more or less by definition, stands outside the constraints of price. A buyer in Prague whose heart is set on a rare Jaguar won’t balk if the car turns up in England. Third, like the luxury market generally, the luxury car market transcends national boundaries. With the exponential growth of wealthy buyers in Russia, the Middle East, and elsewhere, it’s simply good business for a dealer to reach out to these venues.

We mention this because Acklam’s outreach is a sign of the company’s overall success in the world of pre-owned luxury cars. In 2021, Acklam Car Centre won the Used Car Customer Care Award and the Used Car Dealership of the Year Award, given annually by Car Dealer Magazine. In 2022, it won the Dealership Use of Video Award from Car Dealer Magazine and the Used Car Retailer of the Year award, given by Motor Trader. These recognitions place Acklam Cars at the very top of its field; they speak to its expert sales and support staff, its extensive inventory, and a social media outreach that keeps enthusiasts abreast of recent developments in the luxury car market while also constantly updating them on Acklam’s promotions and inventory.

In 2022, Acklam’s gross sales exceeded £122,401,299, most of it coming from domestic customers but with an international boost as well. And the company is growing. To this end, Acklam Cars re-invests its profits in outreach and operations. By doing so, it ensures that its combination of expertise, inventory, and personalized service will continue to make it a destination, both for the car enthusiast looking to put an exotic sports car through its paces, and for the family wanting a top-tier, luxury 4×4 to take it in unrivaled comfort on its annual vacations. To learn more about Acklam Car Centre, visit its website and to catch some of its highly entertaining promotional videos, visit its Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, and Facebook.