Riyadh Real Estate is the Next Big Thing in the Industry; Ahmed Elbatrawy, CoreLogic to Transform Middle East Real Estate

Riyadh Real Estate is the Next Big Thing in the Industry; Ahmed Elbatrawy, CoreLogic to Transform Middle East Real Estate
Ahmed Elbatrawy

As a result of the Middle East’s solid population and GDP growth, real estate has long been a key economic sector and favored form of investment. Many local governments have established remarkable urban developments to recognize the industry’s importance in building their economies and its role as a vital tool for growth and diversification. The Middle East’s governments envision ambitious megacities which have already begun capturing the world’s attention.

Despite the region’s remarkable growth, the lack of adequate laws remains challenging. As a result, there has been an uptick in poor housing conditions, the selling of non-compliant properties, and weak consumer protection. It also makes it harder for buyers to receive reliable property information, resulting in many frauds plaguing the marketplace.

How joining forces with CoreLogic will change the Middle East real estate landscape and take it globally soon

By partnering with CoreLogic, a multiple-listing enterprise solution, Egyptian real estate expert Ahmed Elbatrawy has pursued a joint mission of revolutionizing the Middle East real estate industry.

Currently, CoreLogic provides 1.2 million real estate professionals in the United States and Canada with access to the most efficient and precise listing tools and property insights, helping buyers and sellers find the ideal properties in their communities. CoreLogic Software is estimated to be in use by half of all residential appraisals in the United States.

Elbatrawy chose CoreLogic because of its unmatched track record for data and analytics. CoreLogic, a highly acclaimed platform in the United States, has benefited millions of purchasers in achieving their goal of homeownership by streamlining solutions for 28 of the country’s top 30 mortgage lenders and businesses. It also manages property taxes for over 75% of all mortgages in the United States.

Ahmed intends to adapt CoreLogic’s algorithmic technology to develop the Middle East’s first multiple listing service (MLS). The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) will connect potential homebuyers with global property listings, making it easy for buyers to receive everything they need along the process, from tax information to paperwork. By combining their substantial real estate experience, Platform Leaders and CoreLogic hope to change the face of the Arab real estate industry. The MLS real estate platform focuses on simple and accessible solutions and promises to usher in an exciting new age for Arab real estate.

The real estate tycoon shares, “I’m changing the whole industry by helping as many people as possible. In the Middle East, I know that there’s no system. There is no one source of information. There are no guidelines and proper licensing. What we’re trying to do is we’re establishing a system that matches global standards, like that of the United States.”

The platform’s objective is to improve the Middle East’s real estate industry, beginning with the Egypt real estate market for the government, brokerage, developers, lenders, and homebuyers. The MLS real estate platform will offer greater accessibility to listings in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Elbatrawy has secured over 200 million EGP funding for his Egyptian E systematic Egypt and 100 million dollars for the Gulf region with his Dubai company DSP Technology 

About Ahmed Elbatrawy

Ahmed Elbatrawy is the founder of SHAL MLS Delaware USA, who aims to redefine the Middle East’s real estate industry. Elbatrawy dedicates himself to elevating the people around him so they can share his success. Through coaching, mentoring, and innovative problem-solving in his field, he continues to impact others positively. Ahmed Elbatrawy one of the most successful real estate known as a brand address state industry.