Angelo Dennet Stands Out at Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup

Angelo Dennet. © Roger Pacheco
Angelo Dennet. © Roger Pacheco

They say competition breeds excellence and iron sharpens iron. There’s no better example of that than the Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup sponsored by Adidas. With over 700 teams and 2400 games, this tournament has become one of America’s most renowned tournaments.

Amongst the crowds, music, drama, food trucks, and of course the plethora of players, sometimes it’s hard to find the diamonds in the rough per se, Angelo made that search a bit easier this time around. The Utah native, Angelo Dennet of Sparta United possesses an aura that few players hold. Maybe it’s the calmness with which he plays, or the “swag” as the kids call it. Glimpses of Jude Bellingham cross my mind. If you ask his brother he’ll tell you that Angelo is “just another player” as he eagerly changes the subject to point out some of Angelo’s teammates instead. His team didn’t qualify for the knockout round but Angelo still managed to be the tournament’s highest scorer and assist leader. According to Angelo’s older brother, much credit is owed to Sparta’s head coach Peter Lee. Most coaches in this generation don’t often allow players to play freely and experiment on the pitch as Angelo does. It’s clear that he has instilled confidence alongside a structured regimen with this team.

Angelo is currently ranked 3rd in the state of Utah, ranked 42nd Nationally amongst his peers, and is reportedly already fielding scholarship offers from the likes of Boston College, Notre Dame, and UCLA, all of this ahead of even entering his Junior season.

It’s only a matter of time before America and maybe even the world hear about this young man.