Art Basel and the Miami Art Scene’s Theatrical Fare

Art Basel and the Miami Art Scene's Theatrical Fare
BroadwayHD’s Bonnie Comley attends Art Basel Miami Beach

Art Basel and The Miami Art Fair’s satellite galleries and exhibits kicked off this week with sold out “at capacity crowds.” This year also offers virtual online access to many offerings. It is a high energy art lover’s dream. 

Collectors come from around the world to view, invest and immerse themselves in the world’s largest contemporary art fair. The week starts off with VIP access to parties and tours.  By midweek the events open up to the general public and the festivities end at the convention center but public spaces displaying sculptures and installations, and local galleries continue for weeks sometimes year-round.

“We come for the installations”, said Bonnie Comley, “because the artists’ work is often very theatrical.” Comley is the Founder of BroadwayHD and was recently elected as President of the Drama League. “In fact, many theater directors and designers create installations as a way to experiment, refine, and showcase their stage work.”

One example of ‘theater meets art installation’ is the Superblue installation which features Olivier award-winning Es Deviln’s mirrored labyrinth. This immersive experience is a sample of why Deviln’s stage work has been referred to as a character in the shows she designs.  This is evident in the National Theatre’s Lehmann Trilogy currently on Broadway.

The Miami Art Scene is also famous for the VIP, pre and after parties. The mix of art, fashion, food and immersive experiences makes for great drama.