Ashley Cushman and CCXSWIMWEAR Takes the Swimwear Industry by Storm

Ashley Cushman and CCXSWIMWEAR Takes the Swimwear Industry by Storm

The ultimate symbol of high-class relaxation, a good-looking bathing suit makes heads turn on the beach as well as garners a disproportionate amount of likes on social media. People shop for hours for new swimwear as well as work out for months, in anticipation of taking photos in their new bikinis or swim trunks at the pool party in Miami or Vegas on vacation. And so they should! Great-fitting and stylish swimwear can be the ultimate confidence boost for all body types, both men and women. It should come as no surprise that the swimwear industry is expected to reach beyond $28 million by 2024. Within the swimwear industry, luxury women’s swimwear is projected to be a high-growth sub-sector. 

Each influencer is called that way for a reason, as he or she brings something special to the table. Ashley Cushman, a Denver-born 22-year-old social media influencer and entrepreneur, brings to the table her passion for body positivity, her entrepreneurial savvy, her knowledge of sports medicine, and much more. Though Ashley had an atypical college experience, she has taken the lessons she learned in school and applied them to the various aspects of her life, mainly her social media content and business. In her highly popular TikTok videos that garner millions of views, Ashley displays her lifestyle, her engaging personality, her love for fitness, her knowledge of health & exercise science, and a life devoid of social judgment. Simply put, the content she creates is striking a chord with her vast—and growing—audience, while spreading positivity.

Though what she displays in her videos may look cloudless, life has not been that picture-perfect for Ashley as she has received more than her fair share of bad press. “I always have haters and doubters commenting about my lifestyle,” shares Ashley.

Thankfully Ashley never gave up and continued to double down on what she believed in, focusing on her dreams and creating content that spoke to her. For her, social media is both a means to make money and a medium for sharing positivity. Ashley goes on to explain, “You should never let doubters or naysayers steer you away from what you are passionate about.” This translates into her satin-based luxury swimwear brand’s specific focus on body positivity and inclusivity. Ashley continues, “It [CCXSWIMWEAR] goes well with any size and body type. I want my customers to feel confident and powerful wearing the brand”

CCXSWIMWEAR, based in Denver, Colorado, is Ashely’s exciting swimwear brand that uses 85% nylon and 15% spandex to create the most stylish, comfortable, and inclusive satin-based luxury swimwear brand in the world. With 11 different colors, and more to drop soon, CCXSWIMWEAR bikini owners can mix and match different colors. In fact, it may be the only brand in this niche as Ashley started the business precisely because she had difficulty finding high-quality and sexy swimwear made out of polished satin. So, Ashley started CCXSWIMWEAR. C’est la vie. 

Cushman’s content and brand values encourage women of all sizes to feel beautiful and stylish in her CCXSWIMWEAR bikinis. In more judgemental times, people of different sizes felt uncomfortable wearing certain swimwear pieces. Cushman’s CCXSWIMWEAR brand is in direct opposition to that out-of-date mentality.

Despite the headwinds and setbacks at the onset of her business journey, she managed to turn criticisms into an edge. An ambidextrous young woman in every sense, Ashley is finding early success with her swimwear brand which is already winning thousands of patrons. 

Channeling her passion for life, belief in herself, and entrepreneurial drive, Ashley leaves our readers with this, “I will never let anyone’s opinion or comments affect what I do with my life or how I live.” We believe this is a philosophy that everyone – entrepreneurs and otherwise – should follow on social media and ‘IRL.’