ATP Flight School Forms a Pilot Hiring Partnership With Avelo Airlines

ATP Flight School Forms a Pilot Hiring Partnership With Avelo Airlines

ATP Flight School has formed a pilot hiring partnership with Avelo Airlines. Under the Avelo Airlines Direct Program, pilots progress straight from ATP at 1,500 hours to a Boeing 737 First Officer position with Avelo.

The Avelo Direct Program provides an innovative solution to pilots looking to accelerate their careers while providing Avelo with a steady flow of qualified applicants during the present pilot shortage. Starting with zero experience, aspiring pilots attend initial flight training at any one of ATP’s 70 locations. After seven months of airline-oriented training, students graduate with multi-engine commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates. Graduates gain further experience flying as instructors with ATP, and at 1,500 hours of flight time, participants in the Avelo Direct Program can advance to a first officer position with the airline.

“Avelo is excited to give ATP candidates an opportunity to join our airline as we grow. We feel with the high caliber individuals involved in this program that this will be an integral part of our pilot hiring plan” said Andrew Lotter, VP Flight Operations Avelo Airlines.

A jet transition program at ATP’s FAA-approved 14 CFR Part 142 airline training center in Dallas, TX, makes the Direct Program possible. This two-week program transitions students from flying piston-engine airplanes to jet operations with advanced avionics and automation. Students first complete the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP), which includes ten hours of 737 training in Level 4/5/6 Flight Training Devices (FTDs) and Level D Full Flight Simulator. Students then receive eight hours of instruction in Boeing 737 Level 5/6 FTDs, followed by four hours in a Level D Full Flight Simulator. An additional four hours of immersive training is spent in ATP’s advanced avionics lab, learning the fundamentals of Flight Management System (FMS) operation.

“We are proud to partner with Avelo Airlines and provide select ATP graduates a path for accelerated career advancement directly into the right seat of a Boeing 737,” said Ashley Pillon, ATP Flight School’s Director of Airline and Corporate Partnerships.”

ATP’s proven flight training model paired with advanced training capabilities makes it possible to tailor and develop custom pilot training and sourcing solutions for airlines during the pilot shortage. Through the new partnership, Avelo can source applicants from ATP’s student and instructor population of over 2,000 qualified and professional pilots while providing graduates with the fastest track to a successful career as an airline pilot.