Baden Bower’s List for Finding the Perfect Tech PR Agency for Startups

Baden Bower's List for Finding the Perfect Tech PR Agency for Startups

A good publicist can be the difference between massive profits and going out of business, particularly if you are a tech start-up and haven’t yet achieved break-even. If not done properly, investing in a publicist can be a waste of money and can negatively harm your business. Choosing the right tech PR firm can be the difference between raising your series A,B or C, or dying a slow and painful death.

One of the biggest decisions you will make in your business is hiring a publicist. This cannot be stressed enough especially for those tech startups relying on “OPM” (otherwise known as other people’s money) to achieve critical mass and scale.

In the tech game, your publicist is your voice in the world. They are the ones who will share your message with the media and the public. So you want to choose that PR agency very carefully.

Baden Bower shares their tips for hiring the best tech pr agency

Launching a tech startup is one thing, but generating buzz around it is another thing entirely. In fact, one of the most common questions from entrepreneurs, small business owners, and brand builders is: “How do I find the perfect tech pr publicist?

Baden Bower, a controversial PR firm that guarantees publication in top outlets or refunds in full, gives its advice for hiring the ideal publicist for tech startups and boot-strappers ploughing their course in Silicon Valley or other tech hubs globally. This PR firm has helped hundreds of clients double or triple their on-site conversion rate to leads or sales by helping secure editorial coverage on global news sites, which in turn can be used to build trust and credibility for brands.

Below is Baden Bower’s list for finding the perfect Tech PR Agency for Startups:

  • Look to hire an extension of your team, not just an agency.
  • Don’t ignore the importance of chemistry.
  • Make sure they have at least one idea you’re excited about.
  • When you hire a PR firm, understand your contract.
  • Make specific requests regarding their pitch presentation.

Is Baden Bower the perfect model for Tech PR? Analysts think so

Baden Bower has worked with well-known and emerging tech firms, corporations, and high-profile individuals. Their tenacious and creative communications practitioners develop and execute creative campaigns that connect their clients with their target audiences in memorable ways. They can be the difference between a tech startup making it or falling over.

Even analysts have complimented the PR firm for its ability to reach niche audiences all across the world. Every aspect of their work is designed to impact their clients’ bottom line, bringing leading businesses a resourceful, bold, and results-driven approach to publicity and marketing.

Baden Bower, considered by many publications to be one of the world’s top 10 PR agencies, has delivered results and their clients have always been “wowed” by what they can do. They also provide services internationally including in Australia, the UK, France, Singapore, the US and more. The leading publicist is committed to advancing the communications industry through cutting-edge analytics, uniquely creative, impactful earned-first storytelling, strategic stakeholder engagement, and sophisticated influencer marketing.