Bare Clean Beauty Announces New Drop: Cologne Pods With Unrivaled Perfume Lineup

Bare Clean Beauty Announces New Drop: Cologne Pods With Unrivaled Perfume Lineup

The pandemic has inflicted damage on practically all industries and businesses, very few remained unaffected. The hardest hit were those whose business hinges on social interaction as some services just could not be rendered in absentia. Gyms, restaurants, beauty parlors and salons had to close their doors to the public. Many did not survive till the time the social restrictions were lifted. However, as they say, what does not kill us makes us stronger. The time of crises in many ways leads to the survival of the fittest, the most adaptable, and the most inventive.

In March 2020, right about the time the COVID lockdowns began to set in, Chantalle Thompson started BBare, a UK-based vegan, organic, and 100-percent cruelty-free beauty company. The business’s model was just right for the moment as it was based on making available salon-grade products and procedures without the need to actually visit the salon. BBare’s trademark, though, is its all-natural cosmetics and skincare lines that have a minimal dose of chemicals as Chantal was deeply concerned with the dominance of chemical ingredients in most popular cosmetic products. BBare struck the chord with chemicals-averse and health-aware consumers and joined the cohort of clean beauty brands that are growing by a staggering 12.7 percent annually to reach projected combined sales of $11.5 billion by 2027.

BBare’s bestselling Brow Lamination Kit, probably the safest product for at-home use, makes eyebrows look thick and lush with the bare minimum of chemicals in it in contrast with salon-grade formulas and comes at a price point well below its salon counterparts. The Brow Bae Kit will provide the same lasting effect throughout the day to be simply washed away by the end of the day, while keeping the flocks in place all day without stiffening or flaking.

BBare line of beauty products would not be complete without perfumery; its line of perfumes employs only organic essential oils and is inspired by existing popular scents. The latest drop in BBare’s niche beauty products is their cologne pods that are vegan and mostly organic, just as most BBare’s lineup. The cologne pods are unique in the sense that they are a perfect fit for travel and a night out. Small enough to fit in a purse, the pods are equipped with a tiny mirror. Though similar products are available from other brands, BBare cologne pods pack more scents and perfumes than their competitors. The pods perfectly pair with the Body Balm, BBare’s other popular product as the balms come in the same scents as the pods but in a solid form. A few weeks ago, in just 72 hours the whole inventory of perfume pods sold out thanks to the triumphant marketing campaign led by Tara Maynard.

To find out more about or shop for BBare products, you can visit BBare’s Instagram page or the online shop here.