Beowulf Blockchain Offers New Innovative Business Model for Its Services

Beowulf Blockchain Offers New Innovative Business Model for Its Services

Beowulf Blockchain, the pioneer of the decentralized cloud network for communication services, announced today that it is delivering a new innovative business model for its entire technology suite, where users can enjoy free services by holding BWF coins in their wallet.

Since its inception, Beowulf has rapidly become a recognized international leader for innovation in video conferencing, especially for education and large-scale conference halls with best-in-breed video call quality. Beowulf provides unparalleled accessibility, such as “plug and play” simplicity, one-click connectivity, and the innovative QR code scan-to-call technology.

Services like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams require monthly or annual payments for their services, which can pose challenges to many businesses across the world, due to international payments. With Beowulf’s business model, this roadblock has been inherently removed. By replacing the monthly payments with the holdings of BWF coins, users can now enjoy free services across Beowulf’s offerings, and subsequently, avoid the administrative complexities of managing multiple subscription plans. Additionally, with this approach, the users’ holdings of BWF can appreciate over time, thus gaining value instead of losing it completely in the service pricing model.

For example, individuals or entities that hold at least 5,000 BWF coins in their account will have access to the Beowulf platform free of charge. This replaces QUICKOM’s $11 monthly subscription fee and grants the unlimited hosting of up to 100 users for online conferences and remote teaching.

“As the user base for our products grows exponentially, we are connecting our suite of products through the holdings of BWF coin. Through co-ownership of the blockchain, users are now empowered more than ever to access our all-encompassing Beowulf technology suite, free of charge, and in the true spirit of a decentralized model,” Dr. William H. Nguyen stated.

Among its many services, QUICKOM by Beowulf is well-positioned to become the next-generation video conferencing platform, enabling users to host, participate and enjoy unmatched collaboration. The platform brings remote participants together as if they were physically in the same room, thus efficiently taking the ‘distance’ out of ‘distance classroom’ or ‘distance conference’. With the hosting capacity for up to 5,000 participants, QUICKOM fulfills a complete suite of large-scale conferencing needs, as well as remote training and teaching activities.

Beowulf’s various business partnerships are an apt demonstration of the platform’s growing popularity, as it has amassed thousands of world-leading customers and partners, serving millions of users. Some of these business partners and customers include multinational enterprises and frontline government organizations, world-renowned healthcare providers and universities, and a suite of others seeking customizable, deployment-ready communications products.