Bigger Than Data: A Law Enforcement Analyst’s Roadmap to Marketability, Professional Development, Fulfillment & Joy

Dawn Reeby, author of Bigger Than Data, celebrates Best Seller in nine categories

A Law Enforcement Analyst's Roadmap to Marketability, Professional Development, Fulfillment & Joy

Million Dollar Story Publishing & Marketing Agency launched the inaugural work of expert Dawn Reeby. “Bigger Than Data” quickly rose to bestseller in nine categories, including a prestigious spot in National & International Security ahead of Bob Woodward’s recent book, “Fear,” earned the coveted bestseller banner in five categories, and was recognized as #1 best hot new release in multiple categories.

The world we live in runs on data. Therefore, in part, the world is run by data analysts. “Bigger Than Data” is filled with the insight and guidance one needs to excel as a law enforcement analyst. Author Dawn Reeby is the CEO of Excellence in Analytics, and she uses her expertise and years of experience in strategic and predictive crime analysis to help analysts and agencies deliver excellence.

Law enforcement analysts serve to report intelligence information, trends, and crime data. Agencies use that data to drive the effectiveness of evidence-based modern policing to create crime prevention and control strategies, actions important to every community around the globe. Having safe places to live and work starts with data, which means it starts with those who analyze that data. This is a game-changing book that lays out a law enforcement analyst’s roadmap to becoming an information management professional who brings mastery to agency operations as a productive, confident, growth-oriented, and deeply valued leader who thrives professionally and personally.

“Dawn Reeby is an energetic analyst and trainer who has designed and delivered multiple nationally certified in-person, virtual, and hybrid analytical training workshops and who has provided technical assistance to analysts around the country, helping them establish or grow their agency’s analytical capacity,” said Daniel A. Howard, M.A., CPM, Retired Commander, Office of Professional Standards, IADLEST Texas.

“Dawn and the work of Excellence in Analytics truly help analysts move their agencies from inefficient and reactive into efficient, proactive, data-driven machines that deliver excellence with purpose, confidence, and drive. Every analyst in the world must read ‘Bigger Than Data’ as it truly uncovers the totality of skills and character needed to excel in this industry,” said Dana Boss, Board Member, California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association, Cold Case Foundation Analyst.

“This author has a gift for connecting with many people’s daily realities and frustrations in relation to work-life balance.” – Sheila A., Amazon Five Stars.

“While its target audience is first responders and analysts, it speaks to a broader audience around the current trends of feeling valued for the work you do, carving out your own career advancement path, and integrating your professional and personal lives to feel whole, fulfilled, and joyful.” – Arav, Amazon Five Stars.

The book is available for sale on Amazon here.