Billance Announces A Strategic Partnership With ‘Mercuryo’

Billance Announces A Strategic Partnership With 'Mercuryo'

Billance has partnered with Mercuryo to offer new financial services for businesses, and Mercuryo is supported by a team of over 200 experienced professionals and a high profile fintech investor.

Mercuryo’s Pay in and Pay out solutions, enabled through API integration, enabled quick balance top-ups and seamless KYC processes. With Mercuryo’s payment toolbox, Billance users could transfer crypto into their balance in just two clicks. Mercuryo offers international compliant software solutions for fiat gateways for exchanges, wallets, and other cryptocurrency businesses, as well as local payment methods with no charge for seamless integration into multiple platforms.

Through the official cooperation agreement and alignment, the two parties aim to create an integrated and inclusive closed loop ecosystem for digital assets that combines payments with financial processes. The ultimate goal is to make the transition from fiat currency to cryptocurrency seamless and to expand into other regions, including EUR, USD, KRW, JPY, TRY, GBP, NGN, KES, GHS, TZS,UGX, MXN, BRL, CHF.

Mercuypo will strive to bring several key value-added benefits to Billance and its global users. Let’s take a closer look at these potential benefits. They include:

Buy & Sell Crypto Instantly – software helps Billance users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly, without putting them or your platform at risk.

Payment Options – Allow Billance customers to use local payment methods for sending or receiving money. Rather than using expensive credit cards or wire transfers.

About Billance

Billance is a Cryptocurrency Exchange, that has some of the best ‘Market Trading Liquidity’ solutions on the market. Founded in 2021, Billance provides itself with guarding users’ assets with the utmost safety. In this regard, Billance has a USD 20 Million insurance fund to cover any losses, caused by Billance itself. Furthermore, Billance fully meets all compliance policies and has a policy of continuous improvement.