Blockchain Gaming Discovery Engine ‘Rainmaker Games’ Set to Usher in New Age of Crypto Discovery and Education

Blockchain Gaming Discovery Engine 'Rainmaker Games' Set to Usher in New Age of Crypto Discovery and Education

Over the past two years turbulent but relatively positive markets attracted a flock of new investors to Wall Street for the first time. Dubbed the “Generation Investor,” this new breed of retail trader hit the markets with full force with a fresh mindset and outlook towards financial freedom and empowerment. Bonded together by lockdowns and a newfound collective attitude to “stick it to the big guy,” the importance of true asset ownership is a concept that is now front of mind for so many trying to reach their financial goals. It’s no secret that the global financial markets are in turmoil, but that isn’t going to slow down this new generation of profit-hungry investors eagerly searching for the next GameStop-esque fairytale. One sector that is primed to generate the future news cycle’s overnight millionaires is “Blockchain Gaming” and the concept of Play-to-Earn games. Rainmaker Games is the best place to learn how you can get involved and make it rain!

The earnings potential for a successful blockchain game is no secret thanks to powerhouses like Axie Infinity surpassing $1.3B USD in revenue in 2021. At the game’s height, some players’ earnings rivaled, or even surpassed, their respective countries’ minimum wage. With the broader crypto market in a general downturn at the start of 2022, “Blockchain Brawlers” sprung onto the scene with over $430M USD in volume during the game’s first two weeks, and investors are eager to spot the next big money maker as soon as possible.

Where to Start:

It is important to remember that even though we are talking about games, that doesn’t take away from the fact that these assets and in-game tokens are still investments worth real money. Some of these games have an upfront cost that varies based on the one itself which requires an investment before even trying it out. In most cases when investing in a token, crypto traders can go directly to CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko to start their research process and get some general insight on the token and its overlying project or ecosystem. These intuitive platforms allow for the discovery of new tokens and coins that weren’t on their radar. Nothing like this exists yet for blockchain games, until now. Rainmaker games is an all-in-one location for prospective gamers and investors to educate themselves on all things blockchain gaming and either start their GameFi journey or find their next obsession.

While tons of dedicated sites, extensions and tools were introduced as the NFT market took off in 2021, despite being an integral piece of the industry, very few of these new products cater directly to blockchain games and gamers. That’s where Rainmaker steps in. Think Netflix meets Steam. Rainmaker Games is an innovative and simple-to-use platform for users to explore hundreds of premiere blockchain games. Rainmaker’s platform was carefully curated with gamers in mind and is jam-packed with everything you need to get started. Complete with expert and community-provided reviews and technical details such as daily-earnings potential or upfront costs. Rainmaker’s data is unrivaled and presents the perfect solution for educating and onboarding the next generation of Web3 users. Sporting a sleek interface and easy-to-digest material, Rainmaker Games is setting the standard for an all-in-one, trusted go-to source for all things blockchain games. With support from some of the industry’s most influential brands such as CoinFund, Alameda Research, and Animoca Brands, Rainmaker Games is poised to become the most trusted, gamer-focused discovery engine and community for blockchain gamers. As blockchain gaming and the GameFi ecosystem continues to grow along with retail’s understanding and desire for true asset ownership, it’s only a matter of time before there are millions once again asking how they can earn money playing games, and Rainmaker Games will be right there to let them know.