Bright Domino Corporate University Launches Business Master’s Degree in Latin America

Set to mark a before and after in the corporate university category in early 2022

Bright Domino Corporate University Launches Groundbreaking Business Master's Degree in Latin America
Juan Jose de Dios, Julio Zelaya, Sergio Paiz, founding partners of Bright Domino. © Bright Domino Corporate University

On October 11, the Master of Business Management (MBM) – an innovative business master’s program – was simultaneously launched in all Latin American countries. The program is designed to develop leading entrepreneurs through practical training led by mentors and business experts from across the globe.   

“The business ecosystem is constantly evolving and it is essential to develop practical execution skills. There is a pressing need to train managers and leaders, and not just administrators,” asserted Julio Zelaya, president of Bright Domino Corporate University, during the press conference where the new master’s degree in business was unveiled.

The Pandemic brought about changes

Juan José de Dios, Director of Bright Domino Corporate University, said: “We are living in a time of constant change that challenges us to innovate. Higher education offerings have diversified as a product of the world’s reshaping brought about by COVID-19. Mindful of this, we created a master’s degree that breaks every traditional educational paradigm and business model, resulting in this Master of Business Management.”

Sergio Paiz, Director of Bright Domino Corporate University, stated during the press conference: “Smart people learn from their mistakes, but wise people learn from other people’s mistakes. Our mentors are smart because they not only know but have also built successful companies, ensuring that their learners become wise by passing their experience on to them.”

The best business master’s degree

The disruptive, 100% virtual methodology of this master’s degree provides the perfect balance between academia and practical application. The goal is to develop management, leadership, entrepreneurial, and networking skills through experiences that students can take at their own pace, albeit with a higher, more rigorous level of commitment, since this MBM was specifically designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

Its content and experiences are the product of a meticulous selection of global experts who have earned their place as mentors for the MBM students.

Furthermore, participants will be able to travel to companies that are driving change in the world such as Silicon Valley (Google, Facebook, Tesla,) the World Business Forum in New York, the World Leadership Forum in Mexico and firms in Israel, Dubai, and China, among many others.

What you will experience during your apprenticeship

What they refer to as the Student Journey consists of 16 months of collaborative learning organized into weekly, bi-weekly and monthly experiences that are designed to strengthen competencies and provide high-level networking opportunities. Business travel options are also considered.

In addition, entrepreneurs who complete the master’s program will have the opportunity to select one of three specializations for their graduation project. Coupled with their broad experience, mentors will accompany these projects as they are applied to their businesses, which will ensure their success:

  1. Corporate track: Strengthens management and leadership skills to become a key part of a high-impact business team.
  2. Entrepreneurial track: Strengthens management and leadership skills to design and implement a startup that will provide innovative solutions.
  3. Digital business track: Strengthens management and leadership skills to provide disruptive solutions to the virtual ecosystem of goods and services.