What Are the Benefits of Nano Artificial Carrara White Marble Stone?

What Are the Benefits of Nano Artificial Carrara White Marble Stone?
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Marbles are marvelous. Not only are they beautiful, but they also hold a special place in history as the most preferred material for many monuments. Since natural marbles have some drawbacks, Nano artificial Carrara White Marble has gained favor among builders due to its numerous advantages.

There are many benefits to using Nano Crystallized Marble Stone. First and foremost, you will save more money if you opt for it instead of natural marble. And secondly, Artificial Marble Glass Stone is more robust, lighter, brighter, and more durable than naturally occurring marble.

If you are confused between natural Carrara Marble and Carrara White Nano Glass, the following discussion will surely help you. So, keep reading.

What Is Nano Artificial Carrara White Marble Stone?

Before we look into what the benefits of Nano Artificial Carrara White Marble Stone are, it is essential to know about the material first because that will help you understand its further benefits and relevancy in architectural designs.

Carrara Marble

First of all, what is Carrara Marble? If you have ever stumbled upon a slab of marble, the chances are that it was Carrara. Because this is the most common and well-known type of marble in lighter shades. These marbles come with a whitish-gray background and delicate veining patterns traveling across them.

Carrara marble has been in use for centuries. People across generations have never failed to identify its soft, glowing beauty and put it to use accordingly.

This is why this marble is seen in the designs of various historical architecture, famous monuments, decorative sculptures, etc. Not to mention, it is also popular in modern home designs.

Nano White Stone

Nano white stone is a man-made product from China that resembles high-quality marble. Apart from the fact that it is artificial, Nano Crystallized Marble Stone is every bit as good as natural marble, or even better. Therefore, you can add a touch of luxury to your home designs using Nano White at a much lower cost.

This material is essentially crystallized glass that manufacturers create by putting together seventy-five percent silica and other natural minerals. After that, the mixture endures extreme pressure and temperature for around 24 hours. And this yields a material that is dazzling, like marble, but lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

People prefer nano white stone to its natural counterpart because this material is denser and less porous. As a result, it is resistant to acidic and weather impacts. Therefore, it is much easier and less expensive to maintain. And, of course, unlike ordinary marble, Nano White stays bright and intact longer.

Artificial Marble Glass Stone, Nano Crystallized Marble Stone, or Carrara White Nano Glass are all variations of the same product.

How Does Artificial Marble Differ From Natural Marble?

The most apparent difference between artificial and natural marble is their formation process. Natural marble is limestone that has changed due to extreme pressure and heat over the years. Meanwhile, artificial marble formation occurs in the same way, but the process is more controlled and accurate.

In the Carrara Marble, the vein-like design occurs from the presence of minerals. And you can duplicate the same in artificial marble by stirring appropriate minerals in the initial mixture.

Also, in contrast to natural stones that need cutting and processing, you can produce artificial marble-like Nano White Stone in the desired slab shapes right from the factory. One of the main differences between natural and artificial marble is their porousness.

As it is impossible to control the formation process of natural marble, you can’t do anything to reduce its porousness.

On the other hand, the manufacturers control the artificial marble formation’s every step to correct such shortcomings—consequently, the artificial marble is slimmer and lighter than the natural one.

Another significant difference between the two is inhomogeneity. For instance, natural marble forms randomly. It is hard to find two natural marbles of exactly the same resemblance. On the other hand, you can manufacture artificial marble slabs to be a hundred percent alike.

The Benefits Of Nano Artificial Carrara White Marble Stone

From the above discussion, you can probably assume the benefits of Nano Carrara White Artificial marble glass stone. Here is the summation of it.

Save Money

Natural Marble is primarily a luxury item. In other words, it has less utility and is mainly there for show-off purposes. For instance, per square foot of natural Marble will cost you around sixty US dollars. Meanwhile, the same amount of Artificial Carrara White Nano Glass Stone cost might range from six to ten dollars.

Easy Maintenance

Natural marble needs a dedicated maintenance routine. And unless you have a few staff for cleaning and maintenance who have training in taking care of marble structures, you will find your marble losing its glaze within a short amount of time.


The Nano-Artificial Carrara White Marble has excellent durability and longevity. So, you won’t have to reinstall it anytime soon.

Resistant To Acid And Oil

Natural marble is highly porous. Therefore, it is sensitive to oil, acid, and various cleaning materials. So, if you are not careful, you can easily stain or damage natural marble. Meanwhile, artificial marble has a dense, non-porous structure that makes it resistant to these.

Easy Installation

As Nano Artificial Carrara White marble slabs are more lightweight than their natural counterparts, they are much easier to carry and install. Moreover, natural marbles require a lot of processing before they are suitable for installation. In contrast, artificial slabs come ready right from the factory.

Consistency Design

It is much easier to design a home with artificial marble than natural marble. And that is not only for the reasons stated above. Apart from those, there is also the consideration that natural marble slabs are unique, and therefore it is hard to create a consistent design with them. But artificial slabs present no such problem.

Best Marble Home Design Ideas

You might have decided on using Nano Crystallized Marble Stone or Carrara White Nano Glass for home decor. But what are their best applications? From countertop to flooring, you can use marble in various structures. Here are some excellent ideas.

What Are the Benefits of Nano Artificial Carrara White Marble Stone?
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Kitchen Countertop

Artificial Marble Glass Stone can make the perfect countertop for your kitchen. It is remarkable how sophisticated your kitchen can look by adding a glossy stone slab—colors like off-white or pure black work best here. Plus, with artificial marble, you have the freedom to choose a design pattern of your choice.

Besides looking good, artificial Carrara white marble is ideal for kitchen use. Because, unlike natural marble, they are resistant to stains and spills. Therefore, despite rough use, you will find your kitchen countertop glossy as it was on the first day.

Bathtub and Sink

In this busy and hectic life, people often find that their bathroom is the only space where they can truly take a break from the world. This is why some people choose to make this the only luxurious spot in their home.

Getting an artificial marble bathtub inside your home is far easier than installing a natural stone tub. First of all, it is easier on your budget. Secondly, artificial stones weigh much less than natural marble. So, installation is much more convenient. Lastly, a nano crystallized marble stone bathtub will last for a long time.

Accent Pieces

If you want to introduce marble into your home minus the cost and hassle of restoration, accent pieces are the way to go. Adding a marble accent piece to one of your rooms shall instantly uplift the mood. And with minimal expense and effort, you will be able to transform a dull room into an exceptional experience.

For instance, you can get a marble headboard for your bedroom. If you want to transform your living room, add a marble-top center table. No matter how small the addition is, people are bound to get hooked on the glossy, shiny beauty of the marble design.

On The Floor

This is probably the most extensive use of marble in home decor. Using marble flooring, you add class and royalty to your home. Because for thousands of years, marble floors have been the trademark of palaces where kings lived.

After all these years, the appeal of marble flooring is still very much alive. But there’s an even better option to use artificial marble now. Unlike natural stones, artificial marble slabs are not unique. So, you can maintain a consistent design according to your wish when you use them for your floor.

Small Structures

If the above ideas are too much for you, you can focus on softer settings, such as a small coffee table in the corner of the room or a bookshelf. When you use artificial marble for these structures, they will cost you next to nothing.

Although these are small structures, they will still substantially impact your interior design. Because the unique glaze of nano crystallized marble stone is hard to miss. And if you can adjust the other outlines of your interior accordingly, the effects will be more noticeable.


Hopefully, from the above discussion, it is apparent what the benefits of Nano Artificial Carrara White Marble Stone are. You will be saving money and have an easier time with maintenance and installation if you opt for the Carrara stone. At the same time, you will be able to enjoy the dazzling beauty of marble and that too, for a longer time.

So, are you interested in getting some good quality Nano Crystalized Marble Stones for your business or for the own home? Contact ZONVE Nano Stone and get yourself a free quotation right now. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you.