and the All-in-One Power of ‘MetaFi’

Users will soon view ‘MetaFi’ as an all-in-one solution for their crypto needs and the All-in-One Power of ‘MetaFi’

Crypterium, the crypto banking app with over 650,000 active customers and a turnover of more than €250 million in 2021, is building is the world’s first crypto service to combine all the benefits of CeFi and DeFi (centralized and decentralized finance) into one system. Crypterium has coined the term ‘MetaFi’ to represent its latest innovation available to over 100 million users worldwide. offers centralized services like buying crypto with a bank card, spending digital assets via Crypterium Visa card, exchanging and cashing out cryptocurrencies with the best rates. These are services anyone can understand, even if they’re new to the crypto market. But anyone into crypto knows that DeFi presents even better solutions.

Crypterium knows this and offers services like a decentralized exchange (DEX), liquidity pools, and crypto farming through and its new CHO token. By providing both of these services and unifying them through a single customizable user interface, Crypterium is offering the first-ever MetaFi service.

No longer will users have to swap between multiple chains or install dozens of applications just to take advantage of crypto services. With, users can avoid the problematic fees and complicated processes of getting immersed in DeFi. When users see the term MetaFi, they’ll understand that all of these options are available under one application —

“We’ve combined our Crypterium CeFi and Charism DeFi solutions in the product to make DeFi adoption much easier for 100 million users worldwide. We did the fully first MetaFi solution created to break borders between CeFi and DeFi focused on maximizing EARN and cross-chain”, said Crypterium CEO Vladimir Gorbunov.

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Crypterium Wallet puts together all the services you need, right where you need them. The wallet is available in over 170 countries. You can download Crypterium Wallet on iOS and Android devices, or access it with your desktop. Crypterium was the first company to develop a crypto-to-fiat payment card available in 170 countries. The contactless, free Crypterium VISA Card gives every digital asset holder the possibility to pay instantly in over 42 million retailers worldwide, and withdraw in ATMs all across the globe. More info on

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