Clean Vision Corporation Has Investors Seeing Green by Keeping the Oceans Blue

Clean Vision Corporation Has Investors Seeing Green by Keeping the Oceans Blue

2021 saw Clean Vision Corporation’s ongoing pivot toward sustainable and green technologies. Consequently, I had read about the growth in the hydrogen market being on target to see $219.2 billion by 2030, but what I found was genuinely impressive. What the organization is doing to adopt sustainable technologies to develop and grow markets is the stuff of market-shifting chatter on the forums. For this reason, this sustainable tech stock is a fit for any watchlist that is interested in genuine game-changers in the global ecosystem.

Moreover, the deployment of technologies that address immense amounts of global waste plastic potentially means more jobs in the areas this company touches. The technology also spells a shift in waste going into the oceans, and investors see green when they recognize the economic and environmental value of keeping the oceans blue. Clean Vision Corporation (OTC: CLNV) is tapping into a host of solutions for the global market to include:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Making use of pyrolysis technology to convert waste plastic to clean fuels
  • Minimize the reliance on non-renewable natural resources for fuel
  • Providing strategic insight and global funding access to breed success for innovative concepts
  • Utilize gasification to address plastic waste stream challenges

Clean Vision subsidiary Clean-Seas Inc delivers efficient technology solutions that address global needs and appeal to international markets. Let’s dig into what I found and just why investors are raring to see more of the gasification and pyrolysis technology in action in more developed markets.

Clean Seas Inc. Reflects a Solutions Oriented Global Effort on Waste Plastics

A most impressive piece of evidence that this company is outfitted for a more proactive future on waste plastics is its leadership. CEO Dan Bates has even stated, “The global push for sustainable energy and climate change solutions has accelerated dramatically.” As a result, the company is doing more than ever. Their efforts are bringing technology like pyrolysis and gasification to markets in India and beyond. This shift has revealed a respectable willingness to be a leader in the market.

Additionally, sustainable tech jobs are following these implementations. Profitability in the market is what investors are discussing, and connecting organizations around the globe to these energy-conscious verticals are getting it done. Clean Seas is making substantial capital expenditures to become a leader in the clean hydrogen space.

Growing infrastructure plans are taking the challenges of waste plastic seriously and what I found out about Clean Seas was nothing short of remarkable. The company is securing a footprint in India’s $1 trillion renewable energy infrastructure plan. Furthermore, they’re doing it by way of a 2.5-ton per-day pyrolysis plant that has the capability of operating at a commercial scale. CEO, Dan Bates said this when speaking of the pilot program, “This pilot project is designed to showcase our technology directly for the Indian government which is making a huge push to create a greener, cleaner economy.” So it’s no wonder investors have soaring levels of excitement around this Clean Vision subsidiary.

Clean Hydrogen and the Waste Plastic Solution

The global holding company is not holding back with its massive purchase of a waste plastic-to-energy pyrolysis plant. I knew it was sizeable but had no clue just how huge the endeavor was. What this plant does in bringing clean hydrogen fuel to market is staggering.

Clean-Seas Inc and technology partners are supplying a state-of-the-art method for fuel cell tech. In doing so, they’ve enhanced the project’s economics. The plant situated in Hyderabad will bring the company’s brand of clean hydrogen called AquaH™. Shareholders and prospective investors truly are not holding back online with just how fired up they are around these developments.

The company’s CEO, Dan Bates, has said, “The goal of generating hydrogen with a minimal carbon-output process is in contrast to methods such as using coal-based electricity.” He truly understands the winds of change around this energy resource in the marketplace.

Mitigating growing waste streams is in the consciousness of governments and global marketplaces. Clean Vision Corporation and Clean-Seas Inc. can capitalize on this need and do it with innovative solutions. They are making historical and pivotal plays to showcase tech that will directly impact the health of oceans around the globe.

Bringing forth valuable commodities out of waste plastics that would have otherwise fallen out of any cycle of usefulness spells serious revenue growth potential. Clean-Seas has confidence in its technology and is steadfast in its mission. It is increasingly clear that the name Clean Vision will be one to watch as it revolutionizes waste conversion to create greener energy resources.

DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly the author’s opinion. All stocks involve risks and the possibility of losing all of your investment. Please consider all risks before investing and consult with an investment advisor if you lack experience. Article provided in part by Strategic Innovations who are paid for by the companies for social media and research.