Clearblow Founder Lach Black Helping COVID Sufferers Breathe Easier

Clearblow Founder Lach Black Helping COVID Sufferers Breathe Easier
Lach Black

Lach Black, can you explain the story behind Clearblow and why it’s important?

Clearblow is my brainchild, launched back in 2021. Our mission is pretty simple – we want to revolutionize the way kids with chronic lung issues undergo lung function testing. You see, it’s all about spirometry, a test that helps check how well your lungs are doing by measuring the air you blow out in one strong breath. Now, why is this a big deal? Well, think about it. Millions of folks out there are dealing with long-term lung problems like asthma, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and now, thanks to the pandemic, even COVID-19.

Asthma, for instance, affects a whopping 300 million people across the globe, and it’s a serious healthcare problem, especially for children. And once COVID-19 swept the globe, the demand for lung tests has grown exponentially. Families all over the world have been hit hard, and many are grappling with lingering health issues. What we’re witnessing right now is a surge in the need for tests to gauge the extent of lung damage in a growing number of COVID-19 patients. That’s why the work Clearblow is doing matters – we’re here to make these tests easier and more accessible for everyone, especially young people battling chronic lung conditions.

What makes Clearblow different or unique in this space?

What sets Clearblow apart in this space is our unwavering commitment to making spirometry testing a breeze, especially for our younger patients. The way we’re doing that is by applying the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to lung testing. Spirometry tests can be a challenge when it comes to getting accurate results. The key is ensuring that patients know how to perform the test correctly to obtain reliable readings. Now, here’s where Clearblow shines. We’ve tailored our approach with children in mind right from the get-go. We’ve developed a smart wireless, pocket-sized spirometer that’s user-friendly. It features an LED display and haptic vibration that gives instant feedback on whether the test was administered properly or not. Then the results are fed through our proprietary AI learning module, and the results are displayed in real time through our mobile app, which we’ve designed to be kid-friendly and fun. We’ve added gamification to the design elements that make the whole experience feel engaging and enjoyable, keeping the youngest users motivated to do the testing.

What made you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I would say that I’d credit my Mom as a major influence, both as a strong mother and businesswoman. When I was a kid, I watched her take a tiny startup from nothing to a successful enterprise, and that left a deep impression on me. It was very inspiring to see her in action.

For me, the entrepreneurial journey kicked off as more of a passion project, something I was deeply connected to on a personal level. It kind of snowballed from there. Running a business feels like playing a never-ending game, with new challenges and puzzles popping up every day. After a while, I realized I was not just enjoying it, but I was actually pretty darn good at it. These days, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else, unless, of course, Nashville suddenly comes calling. Life’s a wild ride, and you never know where it might take you.

When I pause to catch my breath and reflect on the journey, it’s pretty awesome to see just how far Clearblow has come.

Your success should be an inspiration to young people thinking of entrepreneurship. What traits would you say helped you the most?

You know, these days, I’m very busy with Clearblow, and there’s not a lot of downtime for deep introspection. But if I had to pinpoint the traits that have been my biggest allies, I’d have to give credit to failure and a touch of naivete.

Failure, first and foremost, is like my unofficial mentor in this game. I’ve learned some of my most valuable lessons through those tough moments of falling flat on my face. It’s painful when it first happens, but failure is really the most valuable teacher, not just for entrepreneurs, but for anyone in life. So, yes, I’m kind of obsessed with failing early and often.

As for naivete, it’s been a surprising asset. When I started out as a struggling entrepreneur, I think not having the full picture actually worked in my favor. Ignorance can be bliss, you know? It kept me from feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenges ahead. Looking back, if I had known ahead of time everything that was required to achieve success, I’m not entirely sure I would’ve taken that leap. Sometimes, not knowing your limitations can be an advantage for achieving great things.

Clearblow Founder Lach Black Helping COVID Sufferers Breathe Easier

You touched on country rap music being another passion of yours. How did that come to pass?

You know, my love for country rap music has been a part of me since I was a kid. Coming from California, I was a bit of an outlier in that regard. I grew up with a half-broken clock radio next to my bed, and it only tuned in a couple of stations. One of them was country music, so I listened to it all the time. Soon I began scribbling down rhymes and lyrics in a notebook, kinda like some people write poetry. Over time, I got into the groove of mixing intros, guitar vocals and verses. There’s just something about dissecting the whole song structure, the flow, and how it all comes together that really gets me going.  And then there’s the adrenaline rush of getting on a mic and belting out those lyrics in front of people. Now, I’m not aiming to run off to Nashville and make a career out of this, but it’s a side hustle I’m passionate about. And should Nashville come calling, who knows?

Where do you see Clearblow in the next 5 to 10 years?

Our journey with AI-powered smart spirometry initially began with a focus on making lung health testing more accurate and kid-friendly. However, as we’ve evolved, the COVID-19 pandemic threw everyone a curveball. It became readily apparent that the virus was causing long-lasting effects on lung function in many people who had been hit with COVID. And just when we thought things were getting better, a new variant shows up, proving that we haven’t seen the last of the pandemic effects.

Looking ahead, the importance of lung health testing is only going to increase in importance. Also with the sharp rise in telemedicine, where doctors can provide care without an in-office visit, Clearblow can serve as a valuable tool for primary care physicians to carry out remote testing. Our platform lets individuals measure their lung health whenever they want and seamlessly share those results with healthcare pros through our app. It’s a win-win, and I’m confident that Clearblow is positioned to meet these evolving needs head-on.

If you had one piece of advice to a young entrepreneur just starting out, what would it be?

My biggest advice? Take risks. Take lots of risks. Don’t get caught up in paralysis by analysis. Sometimes it’s better to just dive right in. So much of what separates people who are successful in life is simply the act of taking bold action. Most people waste too much time pondering their dreams and meticulously planning every step. But the magic really happens when you take real action. When I’m building a business, I like to build the airplane while I’m already in the air. Sure, there’s some days when it’s going to feel chaotic in those early stages. You’ll have stressful days where it feels like nothing goes your way. But if you have the guts to keep taking risks and the grit to keep pushing forward, you’ve got a good chance at being successful. In life, most of the greatest rewards are found where the greatest risks are.

What is the toughest decision you’ve faced in the last few months?

I would have to say trying to figure out what my future plans will be. I’m a high school senior this year and all of my friends are busy talking about prom and future college plans. I’ll have to spend some time soul searching about what’s the next best step for me ahead. While I’m a teenager in high school, I’m also the CEO of a growing startup company. So do I chase my big dreams of success in business or continue my pursuit of education? Or can I juggle both at the same time? I’m a curious learner, and education is very important to me. I think if I were lucky enough to find a college with the right fit to help me grow both as an entrepreneur and as a person, it might be hard to pass up.