Constructerupt is Helping Construction-Related Businesses in Achieving Their Full Potential

Constructerupt is Helping Construction-Related Businesses in Achieving Their Full Potential

The construction industry is one of the major contributors to the US and Canadian economies. When we think about this industry, we think of big construction firms that run the show. Although a huge chunk of the construction industry is acquired by large companies, small to medium-sized businesses also play an equal role in this challenging construction industry.

According to the most recent Government business population estimates, the number of construction firms with fewer than 50 employees has risen to 1,005,290, up from 972,475 in 2016. Owning a small to medium-sized business can be a challenging task due to various reasons and mainly due to limited resources available. Another major problem that small construction businesses face is finding skilled employees, labor, and tradesmen. This is because the best people in the industry always prefer working for big or renowned companies.

There is one construction-based start-up named Constructerupt that has realized this gap in the market and plans to empower small to medium-sized businesses in Canada and US with its one-of-a-kind services.

Constructerupt is a platform that connects construction business owners with freelancers that provides services that are geared toward construction. Some of their popular services include business strategy creation & implementation, website design, development, digital marketing, Tender Management, Takeoff, Estimation, Project Scheduling, Drafting, and Project Management services. Unlike, other platforms, Constructerupt assigns each client a representative who does all communication on behalf of their freelancers with the client saving clients a ton of their time.

‘I was having trouble finding a good estimator and someone in my contacts told me about Constructerupt. I used their quantity takeoff services for my millwork business and so far, they have delivered all takeoffs on time. I am hoping to quote more jobs with their help and definitely recommend Constructerupt to construction businesses.’ says Eric who owns a millwork contracting business. The platform plans to help construction-related businesses that are either not able to find skilled people for these tasks or don’t have the budget to hire multiple employees.