Corporate Creative Uses 9-5 to Fuel His 5-9: Neo Pitso Is Suited to Do It

Corporate Creative Uses 9-5 to Fuel His 5-9: Neo Pitso Is Suited to Do It
S. Pitso

Dressed dapper in a tan sports jacket and Tom Ford spectacles, I finally meet Recording Artist, Banker & now YouTuber, Neo Pitso in the lobby of a luxury hotel. He stands at a modest height despite claiming to be 6ft on his social media posts. My facial expression must’ve given me away because as we shook hands, he cheekily explains “don’t let my height fool you I’m actually 6ft but 6ft4 when I stand on my wallet”. Whatever tension existed prior, dissipated with that remark.

I found Neo to be warm, quick-witted, sociable, and incredibly outspoken. One thing I was ill-prepared for, however, was his energy. As the waiter came around Neo ordered a triple shot of vodka. “Isn’t it a little early to start drinking?” I enquired. “Oh, what time do throats open?” he responded. That got a chuckle out of both me and the waiter. 

So tell me a little bit about Neo, where he’s from, his journey, and what makes him who he is today.

Oh, snap, getting into it already? Well alright. Born in a small city called Welkom all the way in South Africa. I was always a shy child but interestingly enough I always came alive on stage. As an example, during poetry recitals or class presentations I excelled. We then immigrated as a family to Australia when I was a teenager. I always knew I was going to do music. The road has been bumpy but enjoyable. My experiences have shaped me into who I am today.

What did you initially want to do after school?

Initially, it was going to be medicine. I was already being sponsored by my school to sit the undergraduate exam believe it or not. So it was either that or law.

How has your law degree or role as a banker helped with your music career?

Every step I take is calculated. Law really helped me with the negotiation side of things and banking I use to fund the music but it’s also helped with approaching my career from a business aspect. Together these things sharpened my business acumen. 

Do you have any enemies?

Woah that took a turn. Not really besides the usual; ex gf and all her friends. Actually, there’s this UFC fighter who blocked me despite me never having spoken to him ever. I guess that’s my enemy. 

Tell me about your time in America.

Where do I begin? It was exactly what I imagined it to be and more! Shout out BlackBerry even though they’ve seen better days I still appreciate what they did for me. Saw so many celebrities my head was on a swivel. Also never before have I seen so much thirst in my life. I was mugged in the hotel lobby by some girls I didn’t know. The first one took my phone put her number and told me to call. The next one sized me up and tried to guess how much I made before asking if I wanted her number. Then 2 other girls gave me their room numbers, America is a trip! 

Did you use those numbers or go to any of those rooms?

No Comment. Next Question Please. 

I once read a rumor that you dated a Miss Australia finalist is that true?

No way, as if laughs, nothing like that. I was performing at an event where she was present. We exchanged pleasantries but nothing else. You’re funny. Ask me the same question but say Rihanna I bet my answer will surprise you!

Do you like Rihanna?

No, I mean Yes, I mean come on you tricked me I said ask me the same question as the… you know what don’t even worry that was slick not bad.

So you’re dropping 3 projects this year, you said that last year why should fans believe you this time?

Touché. I messed up big time and I apologize to my fans. I won’t even mention the fact that corona almost took me out. No excuses this time around. I promise the fans 3 EPs, 6 Videos, and 1 million total streams by December 31st.

Thanks for your time today Neo, where can your fans find you online?

Instagram @TheOnlyNeo and Twitter have the same handle. Alternatively, they can find me on YouTube under Neo Pitso or Modern Melbourne Man for my Podcast. Thanks again stay blessed and obsessed with success.