Crypto Samurai: NFT Which Captures the Gritty Reality of Crypto

Crypto Samurais are unique, audible, and customizable samurai warriors armed, dangerous, and ready to conquer the crypto-verse having fun along the way.

Crypto Samurai: NFT Which Captures the Gritty Reality of Crypto

A War Against Flat and a War Fought to Secure Financial Freedom

The air of confusion or rather uncertainty around NFTs continues as Blockchain by each passing day is changing the whole discourse of how the world functions. However, despite the criticism which is followed, digital finance is undoubtedly becoming a reality. The future belongs to it. Incidentally, the dog kitty-themed NFTs proliferated. And as much fun and thrilling as they may seem and might be, they shift the gears from what and how exactly the world of crypto works. Crypto Samurai with their unique concept reverts back to the reality of crypto.

To start with, it is important to be able to distinguish between an NFT and a bitcoin. An NFT is abbreviated for Non-Fungible Token meaning that it is irreplaceable. Each token is unique. Unlike bitcoins which are fungible. An NFT can be traded with other unique NFT. Among all Crypto Punks, Crypto Kitties, or whichever Doge Meme NFTs which only capture the fun, goofy thrill ride that is crypto, Crypto Samurai captures the gritty reality. With Crypto Samurai, crypto is a war and fun at the same time.

The name Samurai itself depicts what the audience must expect from it. Samurais are decisive, courageous, honorable, loyal, and brutal when required, all of which are vital attributes in Crypto. Samurais team up to win in the Crypto-verse while having a good time. Each Crypto Samurai is much more than a picture. Each Crypto Customized Samurai NFT Warrior has their own story to tell. Every pixel has been thoroughly considered, from the exquisite artwork to the anthems played by each warrior, in order to present customers with the best in hand-drawn, customized, original, programmatically generated art.

The developers of the project shared: “There will be ups, downs, bumps, and curves in this war but the best way to win any war is to have powerful allies! So, we decided to create an NFT that encompasses the fun and the war that is the crypto landscape and we are calling all who have bought a dip, hodls, and are diamond-handed to become Crypto Samurais.”

The Crypto Samurai project seems promising. The developers are young energetic people who fully understand their targeted audience. Their presale went live from 19th December 2021 to 21st December 2021.

Own one of their unique, customizable, and audible fighters to become a Crypto Samurai. Mint Now!

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