DeNations Hosts NFT Art Exhibition, Celebrating Genesis Block of the DeNations Art Chain

DeNations Hosts NFT Art Exhibition, Celebrating Genesis Block of the DeNations Art Chain

DeNations is a blockchain-powered metaverse platform based in Hong Kong that everyone can own nations, build cities/civilizations, and earn tokens.

In DeNations, ownership of core assets is represented by Ethereum NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Players can register their NFTs at DeNations’ metaverse platform, run their nations and earn token (DENA) profits.

These NFTs are currently trading on OpenSea and DeNations was ranked 4th in terms of trading volume under the Virtual World category.

As DeNations is becoming noticeable each day, it has recently released a new collaboration project called DeNations Art Chain, a decentralized ecosystem where various talented artists can easily and sustainably produce valuable NFT arts.

A contemporary artist Jeon Byeong Sam is chosen as an artist of the Genesis Block of DeNations Art Chain. He has developed a global reputation with large-scale media installation art and also been creating works of art that represent the relationship between the seen and unseen within the realms of the analog and digital. Collaborated with DeNations Art Chain, he recreated the 193 ‘National Flags’ through his series, which symbolizes and conveys the notion of the theme “Things You See Only When They Disappear.”

Flags of each country are created as digital images; the original shape of the flag disappears and is reborn as an abstract striped image throughout the process of decomposing and recombining one pixel at a time. These artworks will be issued as Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the blockchain.

To commemorate these works, the DeNations and the artist hosted an offline exhibition, under the title of that exclusively reveals 207 NFTs and 207 pieces of physical arts that related to each other. The first drop is on 14th July UTC 8:00 AM; a unique edition of 15 national flags will be disclosed. 207 Physical arts that were exhibited, will be shipped to the buyer of unique edition after the exhibition.

In order to let more people get familiar with the concept of NFT, Defi, and metaverse by having their own NFTs in their wallets, DeNations holds an online event where everyone can claim a free Art NFT. This Special Art NFT has two major in-metaverse functions: “Art Farming” and “DGDP Boosting.” Unlike the other common NFTs, NFTs of the Art Chain Block are profitable under the support of the DeNations metaverse ecosystem.

By observing how the disparate concepts of art, blockchain technology, nations merge together harmoniously, we are witnessing the beginning of another surrealistic world. DeNations Art Chain project and Jeon Byeong-Sam’s artworks will be a meaningful step in the art history and blockchain industry. Moreover, this exhibition will be the world’s first NFT art exhibition sponsored by the blockchain-based Metaverse.