Direct Drive Technology Limited Unveils Programmable and Open-Development Platform Robot

Introducing Diablo: The Revolutionary Direct-Drive Self-Balancing Wheeled-Leg Robot

Direct Drive Technology Limited Unveils Programmable and Open-Development Platform Robot
Diablo: Direct-Drive Self-Balancing Wheeled-Leg Robot

Direct Drive Technology Limited, a leading innovator in direct drive robotics solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Diablo, a groundbreaking self-balancing and self-recovering wheeled-leg programmable robot. Diablo hopes to revolutionize the robotics industry with its unparalleled performance, versatility, and open development platform. With its unique capabilities, Diablo aims to become the go-to solution for a wide range of applications, whether users need quiet company, stealthy inspection, or smooth transport.

Diablo combines the stability and speed of a wheeled-leg robot. Powered by six direct-drive robot joints, Diablo boasts free movement and operates silently. Its unique deformation capability enables the robot to possess the dexterity of a wheeled-leg robot, making it ideal for a variety of tasks.

“Diablo represents a significant milestone in the robotics industry,” says Di Zhang, CEO and Founder of Direct Drive Technology Limited. “We are thrilled to introduce a revolutionary product that combines the best features of wheeled-leg robots. Diablo’s direct-drive technology and open development platform empower developers to unlock new possibilities across industries, from daily tasks to logistics.”

Key Features

  • Open SDK: Diablo provides an open development ecology, supporting Python, ROS, Raspberry Pi, C++, SDK, and other programming methods. Developers can easily integrate Diablo into their projects and expand its capabilities by installing additional hardware modules such as Lidar, Anti-collision modules, and GPS.
  • Driven by 6 M1502D Direct-Drive Robot Joints: Diablo offers exceptional terrain adaptability, absorption, and self-balancing to ensure optimal performance even in challenging environments.
  • Two Operation Modes: Diablo offers two distinct operation modes to suit various needs. In Creeping Mode, it delivers exceptional energy efficiency while carrying loads up to 80kg. In Standing Mode, Diablo moves with impressive dexterity while carrying loads up to 4kg.
  • Long Endurance: Thanks to the long-lasting battery, Diablo operates for about 4 hours in an upright position at high speed and more than 40 minutes at low speeds, ensuring extended usability even in demanding conditions.
  • Moderate Noise Level: Diablo operates below 49dB and offers a moderate noise level, making it suitable for environments where quietness is crucial.
  • Stability When Crossing Obstacles: Diablo’s powerful and smooth motions enable it to remain stable while crossing various obstacles, ensuring reliable performance in dynamic environments.
  • Self-Recovering: Diablo has the ability to recover autonomously, regain its upright position, and return to normal operation when the robot experiences a severe impact.

With its innovative design and versatile capabilities, Diablo is a game-changer in the robotics industry, providing solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s handling a standing load, efficiently moving heavy objects, ensuring seamless food delivery, retrieving items with precision, accommodating users with ease, navigating rough roads effortlessly, or performing squat loading tasks, Diablo excels in every scenario.

About Direct Drive Technology Limited
Direct Drive Technology Limited is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the robotics industry through the use of direct drive actuators to replace reduction gears in any machine, transforming traditional robots into more precise and quiet machines. Direct Drive Technology Limited offers a comprehensive range of technologies for robot joints, including sensors, drivers, and motor bodies. Their unique direct drive solutions provide exceptional performance and a wide range of options. Currently, the company focuses primarily on home cleaning robots, AGV/AMR, and the gym facilities industry, utilizing their precise and powerful motion solutions to enhance products in various sectors.

Diablo’s Mission
Direct Drive Technology Limited envisions “directly driving the world” as its future mission. With a commitment to becoming a leader in the robotics industry, the company will continue to provide direct-drive precision power solutions that can replace various reducers.

In addition, the company upholds a strong enterprise culture rooted in principles such as understanding the root cause and offering solutions. They aim to break industry consensus and embrace innovation, guided by a focus on quality, customer satisfaction, effective management, and a drive for continuous innovation. The company also recognizes its social responsibility, believing that demand drives the market, the market drives technology, technology transforms industries, and industries contribute to society.

“With our unwavering commitment to innovation, we are driving a new era in robotics where machines can perform with exceptional performance and efficiency,” says a spokesperson for the team. “Our direct drive solutions provide outstanding capabilities and offer a wide range of options to cater to diverse industry needs. We firmly believe that precise and powerful motion is the key to enhancing products across various sectors,” CEO Di Zhang says.

The team comprises industry experts and passionate professionals who are at the forefront of robotics innovation. With a deep understanding of the market and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Direct Drive Technology Limited is committed to pushing boundaries and unlocking new possibilities in the field of robotics.

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