EasyDMARC Expands Its Presence in Americas by Appointing Rob Bowker as a Director Sales North America

EasyDMARC Expands Its Presence in Americas by Appointing Rob Bowker as a Director Sales North America

EasyDMARC, the end-to-end global e-mail security provider, today announced the appointment of Rob Bowker, as Sales Director of North America.

With over 20 years of experience leading enterprise sales of SaaS software solutions, Rob will oversee EasyDMARC’s North American business development and sales operations.

Rob brings more than just decade-long expertise in positioning SaaS software solutions for enterprise environments; his ability to foster and maintain relationships with industry leaders, partners and solution providers in the email security space will be the cornerstone of his business development and positioning mission at EasyDMARC, the fastest growing e-mail security software provider.

“Rob’s leadership and established network in SaaS business development will be essential in spreading DMARC awareness as well as expanding the coverage of our monitoring and management tools for DMARC and the underlying technologies of SPF and DKIM. I am confident that Rob will be a great asset to our global expansion and company development, given his established technical and sales background within every facet of support and operations, training and leadership,” said Gerasim Hovhannisyan, EasyDMARC Inc. CEO & Co-Founder.

“Having Rob on Board will accelerate our efforts in the US and will pave the way for growing DMARC adoption via EasyDMARC’s tools, which will ultimately help our customers improve their Cybersecurity strategies. It is of utmost importance for EasyDMARC to cooperate with professional and talented people, like Rob, who shares our organization’s values. We are sure that Rob will contribute to the trust-building process with our partners,” said Avag Arakelyan, co-founder, Product & Engineering, EasyDMARC Inc.

“87 of the Fortune 100 companies are in some stage of DMARC deployment. This, combined with Gartner’s recent advice on incorporating DMARC into your 2021 Cybersecurity strategy, are clear market indicators that DMARC’s adoption rate will continue to grow. I am eager to show how EasyDMARC can protect businesses from phishing attacks while expanding their 15,000-strong customer base,” said Rob Bowker, Director of Sales, North America, EasyDMARC, Inc.

Rob, based in Atlanta, GA, USA will report to the CEO. He started his career as a messaging engineer and has always understood the importance of email security. Before joining EasyDMARC, he had the chance to work at Apple as a Senior Sales Engineer. More recently, Rob held an Enterprise Sales and Business Development position with an email security provider.