Efficiency at Your Fingertips: 1MRobotics’ Solutions for Hassle-Free Last-Mile Delivery Operations

Efficiency at Your Fingertips: 1MRobotics' Solutions for Hassle-Free Last-Mile Delivery Operations

Last-mile delivery is an often-overlooked aspect of operations that can make or break the brand loyalty of consumers. Often, in online shopping, a bad delivery experience can greatly decrease a customer’s likelihood of repurchasing. This is confirmed by research by Honeywell, which states that over 84% of consumers are unlikely to buy from a company again after a bad last-mile delivery experience.

More than this, the same research stated that 98.1% of consumers say delivery experience is essential for brand loyalty. But the problem is that consumers don’t give companies many chances to get it right. Honeywell stated that nearly one out of three consumers (32%) said that they would leave a brand they love after just one bad experience.

This is probably also why a lot of companies invest in last-mile delivery operations. According to Business Insider, 53% of total shipping costs are related to last-mile delivery. But to add to their pressure, more and more consumers are highly reliant on a company’s efficiency in delivery. PWC has affirmed this, saying that nearly 80% of American consumers say that speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service in delivery matter the most.

So how can companies then optimize their last-mile delivery operations?

This is where 1MRobotics comes in. Founded in 2021 by CEO Eyal Yair and COO Roee Tuval, 1MRobotics saw the increasing pressure faced by companies to deliver with maximum efficiency while maintaining the brand loyalty they need from customers. Because of this, they developed a “nano-fulfillment center as a service” model.

Making Last-Mile Delivery Easier for Businesses

The dawn of “dark stores,” which are retail outlets or warehouses that are specifically designed and optimized for online order fulfillment instead of in-store shopping, has put pressure on businesses to improve their order fulfillment capabilities. Because using dark stores helps businesses offer faster and more convenient delivery options to their online customers, while also reducing the strain on their traditional retail locations.

But this is not always possible for businesses without the resources they need–whether it’s human, technological, or financial resources. This is why 1MRobotics makes automation easy for businesses to achieve success in hyperlocal fulfillment. To make sure they understand the exact needs of their clients, the company created two proprietary services: Genesis and Flexsis.

Genesis is designed for retail and CPG DTC businesses, which integrates as efficiently as possible into existing logistical infrastructures while enabling rapid delivery. Supporting multiple use cases, 1MRobotics’ systems can be deployed as standalone units inside shipping containers in locations that are relevant to their client–whether it’s street corners and public locations, inside retail spaces without the container, or in warehouses for industrial uses. With a tiny footprint, businesses using Genesis won’t need to allot millions of dollars to mega warehouses.

More than this, Genesis’ systems can be integrated with API with any tech stack without companies having to replace their systems. Essentially, 1MRobotics allows companies to scale as fast as they like with easy deployment and setup.

Flexsis, on the other hand, is built for the unique needs of quick commerce and on-demand rapid delivery. Flexsis retains all the operational advantages of Genesis but, tagged as the fastest bin-to-front system, this works best for industrial and technical service operations, which can also serve as storage back rooms or front warehouses to extend their clients’ reach where they need it.

Speed and Convenience as a Business Priority

More and more, consumers see speed and convenience as the most important factors in good customer service. McKinsey & Co. states that 90% of consumers typically receive their orders in 2-3 days and 30% expect same-day delivery. This can be intimidating for companies that don’t have the infrastructure to make rapid last-mile deliveries.

This is why the need for sustainable last-mile delivery is a must for companies, especially those in the B2C industry. It can be seen by the increasing number of businesses that are now going for local fulfillment centers. Accenture has also predicted that 17% to 26% of last-mile emissions can be reduced by local fulfillment centers by 2025.

This makes 1MRobotics’ mission all the more important and timely. In a time where speed and convenience are of the utmost importance to consumers, 1MRobotics is leading the way for businesses’ easy optimization of last-mile delivery.