Entrepreneur Hai Dinho Discusses Building a Long Lasting Business

Entrepreneur Hai Dinho Discusses Building a Long Lasting Business
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Growing a social media presence online is not like walking through the park. In this day and age, technology is constantly evolving every single year. Hai Dinho, entrepreneur and founder of Everyday Biz Solutions LLC, discusses how he grew his following across major social media platforms to build credibility and trust which helped his business thrive throughout a global pandemic.

Becoming an entrepreneur enticed him since 2016 during highschool which led Dinho to launch his first business endeavor, a social media marketing agency. During that period of managing a handful of clients on a daily basis he noticed a consistent trend between the relationship of consumers in correlation to an established brand. It has now been 5 years of social media repetition, hundreds of failed business attempts, but one thing he can take away from failure is a lesson which contributed to the success of launching his financial service company in early 2018 with the help of digital marketing.

Up and coming brands are everywhere especially in this day and age. Why would I buy something from you if it already exists in the marketplace? Don’t reinvent the wheel… you concluded the product exists therefore you understand that it’s working. The most important aspect of this equation is implementing ingenuity to your innovation in order to create a flair which in return makes you stand out. In short, providing value to your audience is the only way you can compete and survive long term.

With a combined social media platform of nearly 110,000 followers, Hai Dinho is a firm believer that “digital marketing is the future, look at FaceBook and what they’re doing with metaverse and implementing NFTs. Forget traditional marketing: newspaper, billboards and radio. You’re not able to see which channel brought you your client to use for scaling”! The most crucial role when starting out is defining your audience. Ask yourself, what kind of consumers would be interested in purchasing my product or service and which social media platform would they be on? What is the demographic, age, ethnicity and income level are some examples in helping any brand to be successful online.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs will most likely work backwards at the beginning. What Dinho means by that is using personal funds to invest in your business. Dinho explained his experience with us, “always separate business with personal. Invest your money into properly setting up your business”. Pay attention to every detail such as filing for an LLC, 1(800) phone number, business address (not residential) and 411 directory. Not a lot of business owners want to expose this industry secret, but entrepreneur Hai Dinho said, “If you are deemed as an established business under the bank’s eyes, you can come back and ask for a minimum of $50,000 to kickstart your business while not having your personal credit be affected”.

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