Express Assembly Releases New Bench Top Machine

Express Assembly Releases New Bench Top Machine

Express Assembly is releasing its newest product, the Bench Top Machine BT-001 from Sumake. This semi-automatic bench top machine is designed to automate screw feeder systems. It holds the screwdriver and automatically lines up with the part, eliminating the need for an operator to hold the driver.

This machine is the newest addition to Express Assembly’s line of automation products. It helps to streamline assembly processes by minimizing operator involvement, especially when integrated with a screw feeder. This automation also helps to speed up production and save costs.

The key benefits of this bench top machine include:

  • Automates the screw fastening process
  • Works with all Sumake electrical screwdrivers and transducer screwdrivers
  • Adjustable to any torque application
  • Integrates with screw feeder systems for even more automation
  • Adaptable for multiple screwdrivers on one benchtop

“Assembly automation is key in helping our customers increase efficiency and productivity,” said Kimberly Deppen, Express Assembly’s VP of Sales. “This bench top machine is a great example of how Express Assembly continues to simplify assembly processes for our customers, which saves them time and increases accuracy.”