Fashion Over 40: How Alison Lumbatis Is Helping Women Everywhere Usher in a New Chapter in Style

Fashion Over 40: How Alison Lumbatis Is Helping Women Everywhere Usher in a New Chapter in Style

Fashion at its core is rooted in individuality, unique expression, and fun. That said, society has perpetuated the stigma that women over a certain age or women who have had children are subject to a specific style that leaves little room (or time) for fashion-forward thinking. The societal pressures that are put on women’s fashion and style can breed insecurity, frustration, and even shame — but one mother of three is dismantling the status quo to empower women everywhere to embrace fashion and do whatever makes them feel pretty. Alison Lumbatis, founder of the world-renowned fashion blog Get Your Pretty On, has masterfully created the Outfit Formulas styling program to help women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds dress to impress in what makes them feel best.

As an industry expert with over a decade of experience, Alison Lumbatis set out on a mission in 2012 to help women discover a new sense of confidence and appreciation for their bodies through fashion. Falling into her own “yoga pants rut” was the catalyst that led to her blogging about fashion from her kitchen table. Now leading a community of over 1.6 million readers on fashion choices and inspiration, Alison continues to strive to find innovative ways to help her community thrive. As a mother of three herself, Alison understands choosing an outfit is not always the easiest thing to do during a busy day or week. More often than not, she found that moms typically resort to comfort and convenience over stylish choices that have women stepping out with confidence.

To bridge the gap between fashion and convenience, this former engineer cracked the code on getting dressed by creating the Outfit Formulas framework to act as the solution to help women create comfortable, fashionable wardrobes at any age or size in no time flat. Alison starts with staples most women already have in their closet and supplements those pieces with affordable trends to take the look up a notch. For as little as $29 women can buy packages to build a capsule wardrobe that works for her lifestyle, complete with outfit ideas, a shopping list of the items of clothing and support from a community of like-minded women on the style journey.

“Outfit Formulas is unlike box styling services, it’s more like meal planning for your closet. It allows women to shop where they want and spend as much or as little as they want. It truly works for every body and budget. Many women shop their closets first. We encourage them to curate a closet they love instead of being caught-up consumers. If an item isn’t a “heck yes!” it’s a no.”

Through proof of concept, dedication to her craft, and unwavering commitment to helping women all around the world feel confident at any age or size; Alison’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the Outfit Formulas program and her bestseller The Ultimate Book of Outfit Formulas – A Stylish Solution to What Should I Wear?