Female Made Single ‘Ash + Bone’ Fearlessly Confronts Gender Inequality In The Music Industry

“Ash + Bone” is a mesmerizing roots track empowering female music industry professionals to cut through patriarchal barriers with an inspiring female-led production process and angelic three part harmony.

Female Made Single “Ash + Bone” Fearlessly Confronts Gender Inequality In The Music IndustryFemale Made Single “Ash + Bone” Fearlessly Confronts Gender Inequality In The Music Industry

Artists Ajeet, Sukhmani, and Aisling Urwin come together to create a captivating display of unity and empowerment in their exclusively female-made trackAsh + Boneout now. Made by women for women, this track encourages females to embrace their inner wildness, and in doing so, to feel free, alive, and powerful. Written by Ajeet, Sukhmani, and Aisling Urwin, the trio combined their talents to create “Ash + Bone.”  Each lends their pristine vocals to decadent three part harmony; Sukhmani finds the heartbeat of the track with her clever percussion, while Urwin and Ajeet embellish the track with vibrant harmony from the harp and guitar. Ajeet – a renowned producer and multi-instrumentalist – produced and engineered this project, and engineer Piper Payne mastered the final product. “Ash + Bone” is a breezy acoustic track caressed by a colorfully kaleidoscopic soundscape.

A unicorn in the music industry, putting together an all female production team – from songwriters, to administrative roles – is an inherently difficult task (not to mention accounting for the limitations imposed on everyone during the pandemic). It is no secret that the music industry is male-dominated in every sector; The USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative found from 2019 to 2020, that female singers decreased from 22.5% to 20.2%, female songwriters decreased from 14.4% to 12.9%, and female producers declined from 5% to just 2%. The proportion of males in administrative roles drastically outweighs females, as well. Having experienced the oppressive barriers to women in music first hand, producer and artist Ajeet took it upon herself to make a powerful statement answering to the unfairness she has dealt with throughout her career. She came up with the idea for “Ash + Bone,” and created a masterpiece with a critical message in collaboration with an unshakable team of remarkable females (in every role). The team behind this project is hopeful for GRAMMY consideration for Best American Roots Performance + Best American Roots Song.