Filthy Friday: Central America’s First & Only Island Party Crawl

Filthy Friday: Central America’s First & Only Island Party Crawl
Filthy Friday

Filthy Friday takes as many as 600 partygoers on an epic adventure across three picturesque islands every Friday of the year. The entire crowd is transported to a new location every three hours, from 11:30am to 9pm, with transportation included and an eclectic lineup of DJs, dancers, fire shows and entertainment throughout the day.

Since its inception on April 21st, 2017, Filthy Friday has become the “best, least-known party in the world,” and the premier island-hopping daytime party in Central America. Filthy Friday’s founders have successfully transformed an ordinary day into an extraordinary adventure, happening every Friday of the year.

Filthy Friday is open to all who want to take a break from their routine life and have a good time in paradise. If you have a good attitude and a lust for life, you are welcome here. The party’s up-and-coming travel destination, Bocas Del Toro, also makes it a one-of-a-kind experience. The weekly event uses Bocas del Toro’s breathtaking tropical landscape as a vibrant panoramic backdrop for all to enjoy.

It’s all about the good times

Filthy Friday is more than just a gathering of diverse and unique people from around the world. It was inspired by a conversation over breakfast between Ricky Martinez, Beverly Chen and Roberto Acevedo – three Panamanian nationals, who later got in touch with Rick Robbins, an American, and the group co-founded, created, branded and executed one of the greatest parties of all time.

Filthy Friday’s staff also makes sure everyone is safe and respectful while enjoying their paradise, and a security staff and lifeguard team is always on standby and ready to help. They take their code of conduct very seriously, including respecting others, no roughhousing or littering, and taking care of the environment.

What’s next for Filthy Friday

By utilizing their personal knowledge and relationships in Bocas Del Toro and everything else the archipelago has to offer, they have persevered to make Filthy Friday an internationally famous Friday adventure.

Six years and more than 220 parties later, Filthy Friday continues to embody their purpose as an unforgettable “bucket list” activity and a must-have experience. They have already made their mark on over 70,000 participants from 120 countries. This historical accomplishment and their continued economic impact on Panama and Central America’s tourism economy and reputation is the team’s ultimate motivation.

Embedded in the ecstatic faces of their guests, the iconic Filthy Friday experience will continue spreading happiness and fun to the adventurous youth of the world – one memorable Friday party at a time.

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