FormaCar Launches a GameFi Racing Ecosystem

FormaCar Launches a GameFi Racing Ecosystem

FormaCar has recently announced its entry into Web3 gaming with the release of the FormaCar Action project. FormaCar is a large platform devoted to automobiles and the whole auto industry.

The company was birthed in 2017 as an offline project. Currently, it has surpassed 250k.

downloads of its app, with the bulk of its active users spending at least half an hour daily collaborating on the app’s car-related topics. “Being a number one digital car-platform imposes great responsibility,” – says Alexander Ivanchenko, FormaCar CEO. He further stated that they needed to meet users’ demands while keeping up with trends. This led to the creation of the FormaCar Action project.

FormaCar Action is a large-scale game project created in the popular GameFi industry. It is based on Play-To-Earn mechanics. This gaming crypto project allows players to immerse themselves in a beautifully designed automotive universe to experience the thrill of racing competitions, win rewards and tokens, and enjoy driving cars while collecting NFTs.

The development team has a wealth of experience in both games and cars. Hence, the FormaCar project intends to launch various racing games to fill the gap between GameFi, NFTs, and traditional racing games.

The project will also feature a unique NFT collection. The NFT collections include cars, car parts team members, and items in the FormaCar AutoVerse. The items in the NFT collections can be leveled, developed, and appreciated.

The FormaCarGame ($FCG) utility token enables players to interact with the game’s economic system. Players can use this token to buy and sell items at auctions and entire races and engage in other in-game activities like these.

The different game modes in the project include Standard race, Drift, Free mode, Escape, and Trial are game modes.

The standard race supports single-player and multiplayer. In Drift mode, players must maintain a controlled drift while driving. The free mode is for having fun and improving driving skills. Users can test out various automobiles, race freestyle, and more. The escape mode entails escaping a dangerous aberration that consumes your car. Finally, the trial mode is a 3D mode where players have a certain number of tries to complete a track.

The FormaCar marketplace enables all players to purchase and sell new and old cars, accessories, options, tuning components, colors, and other items. Users can also modify their automobiles to make them special, selling them on the marketplace. In addition, the marketplace accepts various payment methods, including set prices, wagers, auctions, and more.

The team also intends to incorporate metaverse into the project. FormaCar Metaverse will be called FormaCar AutoVerse.

In the FormaCar AutoVerse, players can use NFTs and the FormaCarGame Token to build, own, and monetize their assets, such as cars, land plots, garages, racing venues, car dealerships, gas stations, real estate agencies, bars, ad agencies, service stations, and other buildings and facilities.

Players can move about, find other players, and engage with them. Most significantly, participants can watch and participate firsthand in tournaments and championships hosted by other competitors. They can place bets and cheer for certain competitors. Car-owning players can travel the FormaCar AutoVerse in their cars at leisure.

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