Formerly Homeless Man Albert Alan Now CEO of AL STOCK TRADES Builds Software to Democratize Financial Information

Formerly Homeless Man Albert Alan Now CEO of AL STOCK TRADES Builds Software to Democratize Financial Information

At AL STOCK TRADES LLC their mission is to democratize financial information for all. CEO Albert Alan grew up homeless at the age of 15 without any access to health insurance which fueled him to become an aspiring physician to help historically marginalized populations. After graduating with three bachelor’s degrees, a master’s degree, and now a medical student from the University of Arizona aspiring to become a brain surgeon. He and his team created multiple programs during their 20s to help Arizona’s low-income population. COO Michelle Ennabe and Albert created a nonprofit food program that distributes produce to low-income residents, homeless, and Native American tribes in Arizona, which was heavily needed during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

During this time, as the country was struggling, Wall Street was profiting from the Federal Reserve’s easy monetary policy while the poor were getting poorer. As stocks become overvalued, many retail investors were gambling their life savings without understanding the underlying fundamentals of the business. With ten years of market experience, Albert’s team created an educational platform that teaches a Warren Buffett value type of investing called fundamental analysis. Furthermore, Albert created a proprietary software known as BrainMachine along with multiple machine learning algorithms to help retail investors get a fair shake on Wall Street. Likewise, his platform democratizes financial information such as dark pool data, insider trading, senate and the house of representative’s stock buys and sells. As the startup continues to grow (from clients all around the world), members are proud owners of their newfound knowledge as they calculate the intrinsic value of stocks and understand the fundamentals of the business.

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AL STOCK TRADES LLC is leading-edge in market analysis utilizing machine learning algorithms in the Stock Market to improve and democratize financial information for all. Headquartered in Tucson, Arizona AL STOCK TRADES connects retail investors from around the world to value investing while bridging the gaps between fundamental and technical analysis.