Full-Time Stock and Option Trader David Gates Launches Successful Market Education Service

With MMB Stock Group, all that's needed to profit on the stock market is a phone and internet connection

Full-Time Stock and Option Trader David Gates Launches Successful Market Education Service
David Gates, Founder - CEO MMB Stock Group, LLC

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, people worldwide have turned to easy-to-use stock-trading apps to try to make a little extra money and explore new income streams. The hard truth is, it isn’t as easy as it sounds to consistently generate profits in the stock and options market.

One full-time trader, however, decided to step in and make it easier. David Gates, the founder of MMB Stock Group, LLC, took the sudden increase of interest in the stock market and launched a market-education business.

Whether trading the markets as a side-hustle or having never traded a share of stock, MMB Stock Group, LLC is here to help. Staffed with a team of coaches led by David, new and seasoned traders alike find themselves profitable week over week since joining the stock group. During the AMC short squeeze, the MMB team raked in over $100,000 in a single week by trading options on the equity.

While MMB Stock Group does not offer financial advice, it does teach the fundamentals of trading. This includes technical analysis, fundamental analysis and option trading techniques. The group offers a place to learn to profit by trading the stock markets.

The MMB team trades live in a dedicated chat room hosted on the Discord app, allowing members to learn in real-time how to trade. The live Discord chat room is filled with hundreds of other novice and experienced traders learning from the coaching provided by the MMB team. This service is only $25 per month, and MMB Stock Group LLC also offers an SMS text service that provides trading tips and trade ideas sent directly to members’ phones for $8 per month.

The founder of the group has no lack of experience, having traded the markets for the past five years. David goes by several nicknames including “Money,” “MMB,” and “Mr. Moneybags,” which inspired the name of the trading group.