Fusionex Data Challenge Showcases Brightest Minds in Malaysian Universities

Fusionex Data Challenge Showcases Brightest Minds in Malaysian Universities
The winning teams at the Fusionex Data Challenge 2019.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — The Fusionex Data Challenge, an unprecedented hackathon event that seamlessly merged technology and academia, recently reached its zenith, drawing nearly 100 university students from seven prominent institutions. Hosted over an exhilarating weekend, this event saw young tech enthusiasts engage in a spirited battle as 32 teams vied for victory, fueled by their unyielding commitment to innovation and ambition.

Taking place at the esteemed Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, the competition unfolded as a marathon of coding, strategy formulation, and innovation. Teams worked tirelessly well into Saturday night, culminating in the presentation of their solutions at daybreak on Sunday. The intensity of the competition underscored the dedication and skill these young participants brought to the table.

From this closely fought contest, five standout teams emerged as victors, lauded not only for their technical prowess but also their creativity and forward-thinking vision. These champions were rewarded with cash prizes, enticing offers for professional training, and the opportunity to avail special deals on 8excite. Claiming the pinnacle was Team O(1) from Monash University, comprised of Alvin Tan Jian Jia, Lim Tai Jie, and Lau Zhe Yu, who secured an impressive prize package valued at RM9,600. This included RM3,000 in cash, a RM6,000-worth professional training course, and RM600 in 8excite reward points.

However, Fusionex’s commitment extended beyond recognizing talent; it was also dedicated to nurturing and propelling it. Each of the top five teams earned immediate consideration for potential roles within Fusionex, affording them the chance to contribute to transformative technologies poised to revolutionize various industries. Moreover, an exclusive invitation awaited them to join Fusionex‘s ‘Office of Superheroes,’ a space distinguished by its ‘Most Innovative and Sustainable Design’ accolade at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2019.

In addition to APU’s students, who comprised 16 teams, the event attracted participants from a variety of universities, including Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Multimedia University (MMU), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), and Monash University Malaysia.

To ensure participants were well-prepared for the competition, Fusionex organized a comprehensive training session one week prior to the event. During this preparatory phase, students delved deep into Fusionex‘s groundbreaking Big Data platform, Fusionex GIANT, while also gaining familiarity with Python Notebook Training and Visual Pack Development. Throughout the hackathon, they received invaluable guidance from Fusionex experts who offered insights, mentorship, and encouragement.

Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh, Founder and Group CEO of Fusionex, shared his thoughts on the occasion, stating, “Our collaboration with APU, an academic institution of repute, for this hackathon has been an inspiring journey. At Fusionex Group, we are dedicated to shaping the future generation of tech leaders, guiding them towards promising career opportunities. Our objective with this challenge was to ignite a passion for innovation and data-driven solutions among students, ultimately driving progress across various sectors.”

Echoing these sentiments, Prof Dr Ir Ts Vinesh Thiruchelvam, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation, remarked, “Our partnership with Fusionex has played a pivotal role in strengthening the field of big data education in Malaysia. As pioneers in producing dedicated data science graduates in the country, APU’s data-centric curriculums, enriched by industry insights from partners like Fusionex, ensure our students enter the professional world well-prepared to make a significant impact.”

In summary, the Fusionex Group Review Data Challenge transcended being a mere competition; it stood as a celebration of the vibrant, youthful tech community and served as a testament to the boundless potential these individuals hold.

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Fusionex Group is an established multi-award winning data technology provider specializing in Analytics, Big Data, IR 4.0, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Its offerings are focused on helping clients unlock value and derive insights from data. Featured on Forbes, Bloomberg, Gartner, IDC, Forrester, Edison and Huffington Post, Fusionex is the largest Big Data Analytics company and market leader in ASEAN, bringing state-of-the-art, innovative and breakthrough data-driven platforms to its stable of clientele (including Fortune 500, FTSE companies, large conglomerates as well as a wide array of small and medium enterprises (SMEs)) that spans across the United States, Europe as well as Asia Pacific. Fusionex is also an MDEC GAIN company as well as an MGS recipient.

Gartner’s 2018 report on Modern Analytics and Business Intelligence shortlisted and commended Fusionex Review data technology platform. In addition, Fusionex has been as identified as a Major Player in IDC’s MarketScape Report for Big Data & Analytics. Fusionex is the only ASEAN-based company to be featured in both reports, cementing its credentials in the data technology market for this region.

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