Halen – A New Super App for a New Year

Halen - A New Super App for a New Year
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The modern, 21st-century human is the busiest one in the history of humanity. We have more goals to accomplish, people to see, and places to be at this point in time. We are fortunate to exist in the most technologically advanced point in the historical record, holding supercomputers in the palms of our hands every single day. We aren’t superhumans (not quite yet anyway), but technology invests us with the superpowers we need to manage our day-to-day lives. We access super convenience, super services, and products through applications and websites galore at the touch of a literal button.

No matter the progress made in bringing comfort and convenience to us in every way possible, accessing that comfort and convenience isn’t exactly, well, convenient. You have to go from app to app to app, opening, closing, swiping, paying, and logging in over and over again. The time that would have been saved, isn’t, and the convenience that would have been earned is lost. Until now.

It’s honestly shocking that it took until 2021 to receive the first, organically created super app in the United States. At the helm of the entire operation is Edward Mbeche, founder, and CEO of Halen Technology. Edward conceived of Halen as a comfort and convenience haven, the ultimate one-stop-shop approach for ride-share, grocery, food and retail delivery, vacation, and flight bookings. Gone are the days of opening multiple apps, saving multiple passwords, entering your credit card over and over, and spreading your digital fingerprint amongst dozens of applications and databases. Instead, there’s one app, one login, countless services, and innovations, and most importantly, all of your time spared.

Halen - A New Super App for a New Year

As a Tanzanian immigrant, Edward has seized every opportunity to innovate and expand personally and professionally. For the past 20 years, his entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to dig his roots firmly into the United States as his new home, while allowing him to evolve into the entrepreneur he is today. “Meeting people from all walks of life, seeing this great country up close and personal, and giving someone a helping hand when in need, even if it was only in the form of four wheels, humbled me and taught me how important – and how easy it is – to help each other.” Halen’s appeal comes not only from its intentional design and function, but from its intentional community impact. “Halen was designed for us to help each other. It incorporates all of my life experiences, values and lessons, and pays success forward to future generations who dare to dream.” It’s why Edward envisions Halen’s expansion into communities, cities and regions through the franchise model and home offices throughout the nation, a model that is virtually unprecedented in any other application of modern convenience we use today.

For daily consumers like ourselves, it is an ideal opportunity to direct employment and profits to our own communities, instead of being forced to solely rely on corporations and chains. Not only that, but Edward’s decision for Halen to assume a franchise model means the comfort and convenience being offered to us isn’t one size fits all; instead, its hyper-local, designed and adapted specifically for the needs of the community in which each Halen home office finds itself.

Halen’s vision, through Edward’s experience and expertise, is a result of collaborative superpowers from “recognizing that our employees, franchisee and affiliate drivers are the backbone of our business.” Its mandate and model is one to appreciate in times of worker hardships, in times of hard work being undervalued and unappreciated. This app is just as much a new user experience as it is a critical evolution for any worker becoming a member of the Halen community. Once again, for them, multiple avenues of income with just one app and one interface, with the franchise model utilized not just for our needs, but for their needs as well. The networks in formation will allow us to work together to address each other’s needs to the greatest extent possible.

Sometimes, the greatest superpower is realizing what we needed was right in front of us all along. Thanks to the superpowers of Edward and his team, Halen is set to hit North America as the region’s first super-app of its kind in 2022. Sure, Halen is designed to bring comfort and convenience in a moving world. But it’s also a movement and initiative of, in Edward’s own words “how important – and how easy it is – to help each other.”

For more information about Halen, check out their website. If you are interested in being a part of the process and contributing an investment, don’t miss out on Halen’s WeFunder.