Healthcare Industry’s First Carbon Tech Platform Launched by Zasti

AI platform provides key step toward net-zero emissions

Healthcare Industry’s First Carbon Tech Platform Launched by Zasti

Zasti, an advanced analytics enterprise that offers carbon tech solutions and strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) values to the United States healthcare marketplace, announced it is collaborating with Change Healthcare (NASDAQ: CHNG), a health care technology leader. The two companies are aiming to build efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions generated by the healthcare industry. Combining billions of data points from Change Healthcare with Zasti’s AI technology allows users to Assess, Target, Optimize, and Monitor (ATOM) carbon emissions.
“Working with Change Healthcare to deploy ATOM throughout the healthcare industry will allow organizations to be more efficient as decarbonization strategies are considered and implemented” explained Krish R. Krishnan, Zasti’s CEO. “The healthcare industry is responsible for a tenth of all greenhouse gas emissions, making it a focal point for stakeholder scrutiny”.

Zasti’s ATOM provides precise measurement of direct and indirect carbon emissions via a proprietary healthcare carbon database. With this data, carbon emission hotspots are identified using pre-designed algorithms providing uses with an AI-driven decarbonization strategy.

“The power of our collaboration is combining real-world data that is already processed by Change Healthcare with Zasti’s ATOM platform,” said Tim Suther, senior vice president and general manager of Data Solutions at Change Healthcare. “A provider’s carbon baseline can be quickly established with visibility into how individual procedures and activities contribute to carbon emissions. The ATOM platform then provides benchmarks and actionable insights to reduce those emissions. Real-time data-driven actions can then facilitate carbon emission reductions.”

Zasti’s ATOM AI technology offers solutions that achieve continuous optimization and offsetting of carbon emissions. It also tracks the real-time progress of emission reductions through a user-friendly dashboard that integrates with accounting, sustainability, and disclosure details.

Dr. David Chang, leading cataract surgeon at the Peninsula Eye Surgery Center in Northern California shared his perspective by stating, “The carbon footprint of the healthcare sector in general, and the operating room in particular, is surprisingly large. We have an important opportunity to make an impact by being more green and by reducing needless OR waste.”

“Like all industries today, healthcare too must accelerate the decarbonization process. No industry, especially healthcare, is immune from the responsibility to strive for achieving net-zero emissions. Nor can an industry dodge the looming regulations imposing a plan and the actions moving toward net-zero emissions”, Krishnan, also a Delegate to COP26, stated. “Our collaboration with Change Healthcare is a major step in revolutionizing the healthcare industry by making it sustainable.”