How Can Australians Achieve Financial Flexibility? Dashdot Shares Insights

How Can Australians Achieve Financial Flexibility? Dashdot Shares Insights
How Can Australians Achieve Financial Flexibility? Dashdot Shares Insights

According to a recent 2022 survey, 45% of Australians want to be more financially confident because it enables them to live life on their own terms, financially free.

Financial flexibility is the ability to have control over one’s own money and financial situation. It is the ability to make decisions and take actions to improve your financial situation without being reliant on outside assistance or resources. Financial flexibility is not the same as being wealthy, but it is the ability to live comfortably and securely based on one’s income stream or any available financial resources.

Due to the pandemic’s overall economic effects and its impact on employment, inflation, and housing affordability issues, a significant portion of the population faces financial difficulties. Young Australians, in particular, are feeling the strain, with reports indicating that they struggle to balance their finances to cover basic expenses.

Property investment company Dashdot shares some insights on how Australians can achieve financial freedom despite economic situations or their current financial status.

Three Steps In Achieving Financial Freedom According to Dashdot

1. Have a positive goal setting

Dashdot believes that the key to financial independence depends on establishing a strong foundation. According to them, this should be centered on the belief that financial freedom is within reach rather than an unattainable goal. By shifting their mindset, individuals can free themselves from the daily grind and attain the life they desire. Dashdot believes that a positive outlook is crucial in taking calculated risks that lead to financial success.

2. Understand current financial conditions and needs

This step is an essential part of achieving financial freedom. According to Dashdot, by being aware of people’s current economic landscape and how it may affect their own financial situation, they can properly determine their financial status and what their goals should be. This allows them to create a financial plan tailored to their specific needs. At the same time, it also helps in recognizing opportunities for saving and investments.

Dashdot explains that people are not achieving what they could because they are not investing in what they should. If people know their financial abilities and goals, they can narrow down their choices and focus on where their money can truly grow.

3. Invest for passive income

Dashdot believes that property investment is the fastest and most reliable way to achieve financial freedom. When done correctly, it can provide a steady stream of income that can help pay off debt, save for retirement, or even quit day jobs, allowing for better ways of living.

With property investment, people can purchase an asset that will appreciate over time, generate rental income, or even benefit from capital gains if they opt to sell it eventually.

Property investment also offers tax advantages, such as deductions for depreciation and lower loan interests. With careful planning and research, property investment can be a great way to be financially independent.

Dashdot As Partner In Achieving Life Of Freedom

Dashdot is a property portfolio growth partner that helps facilitate freedom and prosperity for their clients by providing them with profitable investment choices. They believe that people can still achieve a life of freedom and choice with the right property investment despite market situations. It is their mission to improve the lives of their clients so they can live a life of freedom, choice, and abundance.

Dashdot is composed of amazing industry experts who can help clients understand the ins and outs of property investment, leading them to wiser investment decisions. Greater investment returns are gained through having the right fit.

“Property investing is full of misinformation, with contradictory advice and projected fear for young people to navigate. With everything we create, the goal is for it to be usable by all. We are extremely passionate about creating accessibility and seamless experiences for wealth building through the property,” Co-founder Gabi Billing explains.

Using its unique and high-level proprietary technology, Dashdot can help its clients find the right property to invest in. Their data scientists can source out opportunities from macro and micro suburb levels, ensuring they find the perfect property for their client’s goals and needs.

“The company boasts world-first data science that allows our clients to identify the top 1% of properties in the top 1% of locations, ensuring they secure the right property, in the right place, at the right time and get them ahead of the curve,” Dashdot elaborates.

To also ensure that their client’s property investment will lead to success without them sweating over the process, Dashdot facilitates and handles everything. Dashdot streamlines all processes, saving people the hassle of coordinating all the moving pieces. “Excellent client service is part of our business. So from sourcing and securing through to settlement, we handle all the grunt work that our clients just don’t want to deal with,” says Jason D’Silva, Head of Client Success.

Financial freedom is a dream that Dashdot wants to make a reality for its clients. It is their mission and hopes to make this height of life achievable to all people through excellent property investment. With Dashdot, people can ensure that their investments will work hard as they do because no matter what is happening or might happen to the market this year, Dashdot can still deliver.