How GLabs Plans to Take the NFT Industry by Storm While Giving Back With Greedy Gramps

How GLabs Plans to Take the NFT Industry by Storm While Giving Back with Greedy Gramps

While NFTs have existed since 2017, the rise in popularity has left many people wanting to get in on the incredible opportunity of investing in and owning non-fungible tokens while supporting the artists behind them. GLabs is currently working on a project, Greedy Gramps, with multiple contributors that will allow holders to use NFTs in unprecedented ways. Providing holders with more opportunities to benefit from ownership will lead to more interest, with celebrities, influencers, and high-earners looking to get more involved in the industry.

“We’ve started the Greedy Gramps project with the idea of providing iconic artwork and implementing unique utilities that aren’t currently available in this NFT art space. We believe in the importance of connecting pop culture and applicability with the NFTs to provide enhanced experiences to holders who are investing in the artwork,” says Basti, one of the project’s Co-Founders. “With this project, holders can enjoy real-world benefits that may include exclusive discounts on merchandise, backstage passes to different events, and even free nights at some of the best hotels. In addition, for every minted NFT, we plan on planting a tree to give back and do something good for the environment.”

Multiple people from different parts of the world have carefully collaborated to create the Greedy Gramps team and look forward to letting the world know about the involvement of numerous top-rated Crypto Experts with whom they’ve had the pleasure of working with as advisors on this journey. The team members involved in this project believe in the value of bringing utility into the crypto space by providing multiple benefits to holders. Some of these benefits fall under various categories provided by Greedy Gamps, such as Crypto Investment Opportunities, Hype Collaborations, and Money Can’t Buy Moments. With five separate categories available, holders would have the opportunity to get great deals, discounts, and rewards for their contributions, similar to the best loyalty membership programs.

“Taking NFT projects to the next level has become a priority for the Greedy Gramps team. We know about Bored Apes and how they introduced lifestyle utility by forming an exclusive group and hosting different events for group members. However, we’d like to kick things up a notch by offering hundreds of unique utilities to our holders. These utilities will benefit them in many ways, allowing them to enjoy new experiences, whether it’s attending a concert, going to an event, or getting something for free,” shares Basti. “We’ve created innovative artwork like nothing else in the industry. Instead of using cartoons or animals, we’ve prioritized using images of what humans will look like within the next two decades to provide a more realistic experience.”

Because not many NFT projects currently utilize real-life utility, the Greedy Gramps team has worked hard to overcome multiple challenges while thinking outside the box. As a result, team members have created something exclusive to people interested in investing in NFTs and getting the best experience because of their access to added benefits. With a focus on going mainstream and humanizing NFTs to make them easier to understand, Greedy Gramps looks forward to maintaining high standards while offering a cutting-edge investment opportunity.